Amp for VR4SR

I am looking for an amp to run my VR4SR.
My music is mainly vocal, strings and classic.
Second hand will be just fine.
Budget is up to $5K- $6K
Would like to also hear about SS amp and or combination of Preamp + power amp - as long as it was checked Specifically with the VR4SR.
Thank you
I am very pleased with the Spectron Musician 3SE, now an MK2, running my 4 Seniors. Plenty of muscle to make them sing! I'm currently using a Belles 28A pre (SS), but also use a Modwright 9SE (tube) on occasion. The Spectron is sensitive to IC cables...AZ Mattrix Ref IIs are my choice. Check out the other threads on the Spectron. Yes..they are all true.
I would suggest as much power as you can possibly get. I think they can sound uninvolving unless they get plenty of power. I chose the Parasound JC-1s over the VTL 450s and am using a solid state Ayre K-1x preamp. Maybe dynamics won't be at the top of your want list with the kind of music you like most but as far as I can tell they just don't jump to life without some power.
I owned VR4 Gen III HSE. I used a VAC Phi 110/110 on them with pretty good results, but the top end was always marred with some glare, and the bottom end was not as tight as I'd like. I would suggest the VAC Avatar would not be the best match.

Never heard the Unico.

The combination I had that really lit up the VR4 speakers was a Moscode 401HR paired with a Lamm LL2 Deluxe preamp. Great combination.

The VR4 series speakers need refined power, and plenty of it, IMO.
Thank you Ejlif & Tvad.
Talking about power: did anyone try the VR4SR with a set of Jeff Rowland mono amps? In my experience (not with the VR) they have lots of power - very clean and accurate. I consider Valves because I love the warm sound, although like also lots of details and excellent sound stage. But if these pair need lots of power than maybe a set of Jeff Rowland as the power unit + a valve pre-amplifier (vac, cary, lamm ….?) will fit the most?
Rowland monos would be a good choice, as would Pass Labs monos.

I really liked the tube qualities married with solid state power of the Moscode.
To add something to the mix I am running my 4sr's with a 16 watt Art Audio Carissa with great results in a 15x17 room. It depends on how loud you want to play. I think the quality of the amp and its power supply are key. The speaker will repeat what you put into it. Best of luck.

Blessings, Bob
Thank you all.
Most of the audiophiles that I made contact with are sure of 2 "basic facts":
One - the VR4SR LOVE valve - as if they actually made for it.
Two - they do need power.

So it seems that I need to check and listen to either strong (and unfortunately expensive) valve amplification or the combination of a "gentle" solid state power amp(maybe Jeff Rowland? I wonder if pass labs will not be too "cold") with a valve pre-amp.

Using hybrid as an amp (with valve pre amp) sound very interesting although I must admit that I never heard about Moscode until this thread.
Using hybrid as an amp (with valve pre amp) sound very interesting although I must admit that I never heard about Moscode until this thread.


The Moscode 401HR has been reviewed in Stereophile.

Also, Moscode offers a 33 1/3 day home trial. If you buy it and don't care for it, you can return it for a full refund (less shipping).

IMO, you'd be passing up a great match if you didn't at least audition it in your system.
Since I am located about 10 hours flight from the US I assume that home trail will not be so simple to arrange....
and it seems there is no dealer around.
Guess it's not realistic. Certainly best to buy from a company that is close at hand (or has service facilities within a reasonable shipping distance) if service, or upgrades are required.

Many people use tubes with the VR4 (as I did). I found solid state worked better in my system, and with my musical preferences (rock, jazz, blues).

Best of luck on your search.
I also use the Spectron Musician III SE MkII with the VR4SR MkII's. Results are excellent. Albert recommended this amp when I purchased the speakers and I appreciate his solid recommendation. I have not identified any weaknesses with this amplifier, a first for me. The praise for the Spectron is well deserved from my perspective. Speaker cables are Acoustic Zen Double Barrel and IC's are balanced FMS Zero's. Preamp is Audio Research Reference 3.
Thank you Mdrummer01 and Mmcghee
since this is a class D Amp, Did you also checked nuforce and/ or CIA?
Takeone: I have had both Nuforce 9SE and Channels Islands (D-200) in my system in the last couple of years. Without going into an extended assessment, my experience would be: Nuforce-Excellent and deep bass control, RFI can be problematic, especially if you have a tuner in your system, highs can have a glare but can be tamed with the right cabling. I've heard great things about the V2 upgrade...but haven't heard them myself. Channel Islands: Less bass authority but you can listen to them all day with little fatigue, no RFI issues, a pleasant personality but the goose-bump factor wasn't there. Last year at RMAF Albert was running a pair of 4jr's MKII (I beleive) with a new CI model D-400..twice the power of the D-200s...sounded wonderful. From my perspective, the Spectron takes all the best attributes of class D and a few of attributes of tubes and rolls them into one.