amp for VMPS - RM/X

any AMP suggestions for VMPS -RM/X,,I like clear,,detailed sound..not very found of warm sound i reckon,,I like the detail and clearness of my i think i would like something that wouldnt ruin that??would appreciate any advice..thnx for reading..
You could try a Wyred 4 Sound ST-500 or STI-500 (integrated version). It's a very neutral ultra detailed amp and works very well with my RM2 speakers. Since the VMPS are probably already on the lean side in the lower midrange, it should give you what you want.

Happy Listening.

That is a rare and wonderful VMPS speaker. I am a VMPS dealer, and we often use the AMPZILLA Monoblocs with the larger Floorstanders.

In a couple weeks, we will be exhibiting with the VMPS RM50 and the newer AMPZILLA 2000 Second Edition Monoblocs (300/500wpc each)

James Bongiorno just won Absolutes Sounds "EDITORS CHOICE" Award for that very amp. Brian Cheney used the original version in voicing your speaker and the combo won "Best of Show" (for James Bongiorno and his amps) several years ago.

I have also had many customers using the bigger and newer (squared version) BRYSTON amps. Others swear by the NuFORCE Monoblocs which sound markedly different. Your speaker will certainly allow you to hear the distinct and subtle differences between components.

On a "warmth" scale they might be ranked as below.

AMPZILLA slightly warm, but still exceptionally detailed

BRYSTON (squared versions) less warm

NuFORCE least warm

If you need any assistance in "tuning" your pair feel free to e-mail me.
what about pass labs X350??will that be warm for my liking ??
VMPS is tube friendly- we used our amps with them at CES the last couple of years. So you have a lot of options.
100% accurate. Ralph's ATMASPHERE tube monoblocs were exceptionally smooth and dynamic. Quite often VMPS users apply tubes to the Mids and Tweeters, and SS to the woofers to a reported great result.

I have heard the ATMASPHERE Monoblocs on the RM30, RM v60, and RM50 Bipolar Dual Array. They all sounded spectacular.

Regarding the Pass Labs, I have heard VMPS customers using them, but they often suggest they are slightly warm. This is of course relative and does not take into consideration the rest of the system and room.