Amp for Virgo III's

My current system consists of a Well Tempered Classic turntable/arm with Micro Benz ACE for analog, Benchmark DAC 1 for digital, Audible Illusions M3A preamp.

I'm thinking of upgrading my PSE Studio IV solid state amp to something used in the < $2000 range to drive my Audio Physic Virgo III's. I value speed and detail, imaging, extended but not overly bright highs, tight bass, and good dynamics.

I have the following to possibly choose from, none of which I've actually been able to audition (yet):

Krell KSA-200S
Musical Fidelity A3.2 amp
Audio Research VT-100 Mk II
Cary SLA-M100s
Primare D-30.2
Melos 202 Gold
Michael Yee PA-2
McCormack DNA-1
Electron Kinetics Eagle Two
Aloia PST 13.01

I am not looking for a marginal improvement, so maybe I should just stay where I'm at -- but I would appreciate any recommendations and the reasons for your particular choice(s) if you think there is one or more of these that would be a significant improvement.

Add Plinius SA-100 mkIII to your list. Delete Melos as it seems the restoration team has closed their doors.
The CJ Premier 11A sounded great with these speakers.Choose an amp with a good dynamic sound,it will mate well with the Virgos.
I have kind of a similar system to yours, an AA M3A with Shanling T100 CD Player and VPI/Blackbird, except I have the original model Virgos, which I love.
After extensive auditioning of over 15 amplifiers, tube and SS, I purchased the Nuforce Reference 9 monoblocks. They are expressive, detailed and incredibly transparent without etch or fatigue. Instruments and vocals have natural timbre and wonderful presence, and the bass is dynamic, tuneful and tight. Plenty of power to spare. No tube fuss. Ultra quiet and nearly tweak proof.
These amps easily beat out anything in this price range, and many others way above! They will easily smoke your PSA -I have two PSA amps which I have now relegated for use in my home recording studio and they're pretty good for what they are, but for listening this is a whole new world.
I can't recommend the Ref 9s highly enough, and Nuforce is a pleasure to deal with. You don't see many used on Agon, but they pop up here and there. Nuforce sometimes has demos they'll sell you direct at a discount.
Try them if you can, but IMHO, they are among the best out there, and are an incredible value at around $2500 a pair.
Good luck and happy listening!
I have been very happy using the ML 432 with the Virgo IIIs. However, the 432 takes a long time to break, but the power really brings out the dynamics in the speaker.
Always sounded good with Cary gear---805s, V12s, whatever. Great combo.
I agree with keithr on Cary. For solid state, Pass Labs. The first time I heard Virgo II's driven by a Pass Labs X-150 I was hooked! I now have a X-350, even better. I have not heard them but understand the new generation .5 versions are a significant improvement. Especialy in taming the high frequency glare.
Good luck, Greg

The Cary's were in need of servicing. The dealer was highly recommending the ARC VT 100, but it was out for serving as well (tubes not doing so well for reliability?) So I may be leaning towards solid state for the time being.

I auditioned the Michael Yee PA-2 noted above, which sounded much better than my PSE IV, and close to a Separo SE300i, 10w 300B Integrated tubed unit -- but I was hard pressed to say which sounded "better" -- just noted a slight difference. I will be returning to the dealer soon to re-audition, and listen to an additional amp, or two, or three.

Anyone familiar with the Michael Yee PA-2 amp, or can recommend any of the others on the list of the above amps for auditioning?

Thank you all for your suggestions.