Amp for Vienna Acoustics Mahlers

I just bought Mahlers. Does anyone who owns this speaker want to share his/her experiences in trying various amps? If yes, what size is your room? In addition, V.A. (or Sumiko) now offers foam port plugs for this speaker (which I have ordered) ... have you tried them, and to what end? Your experiences with speaker cables? Thanks in advance.
I am using a Mark Levinson 335 with the mahlers, in a 8'(H) X 14' (W) X 20'(L) room, with good results. Plenty of power, amp seems to mate well with the speakers.

I used a Goldmund Mimesis 29 w/these speakers in a medium sized room w/superb results. Extremely musical. Ended up deciding I could not afford these pieces and now have the Beethovens running on Ayres. Also extremely musical--but not at the level of the Mahlers/Goldmund.
What amp did you use when you auditioned them? I say get it. If it was good enough to make you buy the speakers its good enough now.
I use Classe amps with Vienna Acoustics speakers. To my ears, the combo provides a smooth sound. Speaker cables: Silver Audio "Silver Symphony 48" ( Since Classe is a laid back amp, and the Vienna products use silk tweeters, I like the fast and liquid sound of silver cables. If you are willing to spend serious money, you might wish to consider Classe Omega series.