Amp for Verity Parsifal encore

I just got a pair of used mint Verity Parsifal Encores. One of the last pairs made before the Ovations. I am driving them with my Belles amp and preamp which are very impressive. I am starting my homework for upgrades of my phono, pre and power amp. I am also looking at simplifing my system, reducing wires and components to just CD player and Turntable. I also just got a new Naim CDX2 as a cdp upgrade. I am considering strongly the Aesthetix Janus stock or signature as full function pre, possible atlas power amp. I have heard the Nagra PSA with the Parsifal ovations and was very impressed. I am not in a big hurry and am only looking for others thoughts and comments that I will investigate. Thanks.
I am not sure about the power of the 899 Integrated, but the P/E's are no SET speaker. I can guarantee that. The monitor itself is a fairly easy load. I played just the monitor with a 60 watt OTL. However, it could not control the bass when played with the full P/E setup. I tried an Art Audio Jota, the version w/ 20 watts. Honestly, not even close to enough power, regardless of how loud, size of room.... If that EAR integrated is not a solid 50-60 watts, I would have my doubts if it were enough for the P/E's. Great speaker though, and certainly worth your efforts. I do think the P/E's like at least 50-60 tube watts.
Thanks for sharing your opinions and experiences. I've
heard the Parsifal's with an EAR pre and the 890 amp that is
70wpc. The 899 is also 70 wpc, and should drive them very

I am currently using a Luxman 550aII and it is plenty
powerful at realistic levels. For those of you who have
heard the Luxman Class A offerings, I am sure you would
agree that they compete with most amps in the 100wpc arena.
The 590a at 30wpc would be even better I am sure.

I've also heard 18 wpc Lamm amps sound more powerful than
200wpc SS, so I understand transformers and other design
capabilities can make a huge difference.

Just wondering how many of you have experience with the 899
or any EAR electronics? Reliability, fun to own, tube
changes, etc.

Vinw, I did own the Tamino with a Mastersound 300 BPSE that
a friend loaned me for a few months. It had trouble with
the 89db load in the low end region. Otherwise it was

Thanks again and other recommendations are appreciated. I
like VAC as well.
Hi Davt, congratulations on your speakers.

I heard Parsifal Encores recently on the back of a Soulution pre and power combination. A bit of an OMG moment, as good as I've heard any system anywhere in a modest sized space.

I do like my Calypso, it portrays space wonderfully well. Given the Janus is essentially the same design the only thing you need to watch is noise. Efficient speakers can highlight this issue with the Asthetix pre's. Tube rolling helps but doesn't erradicate the issue.

Good luck with your search.

Reviving this old thread in case anyone has a pair of Parsifal Ovations they want to sell.