Amp for Verity Parsifal encore

I just got a pair of used mint Verity Parsifal Encores. One of the last pairs made before the Ovations. I am driving them with my Belles amp and preamp which are very impressive. I am starting my homework for upgrades of my phono, pre and power amp. I am also looking at simplifing my system, reducing wires and components to just CD player and Turntable. I also just got a new Naim CDX2 as a cdp upgrade. I am considering strongly the Aesthetix Janus stock or signature as full function pre, possible atlas power amp. I have heard the Nagra PSA with the Parsifal ovations and was very impressed. I am not in a big hurry and am only looking for others thoughts and comments that I will investigate. Thanks.
I'd call the P/Es a "modestly difficult" load. Low power amps in general need not apply and OTLs and SETs should be chosen with care - many will have a rough ride. OTOH, some of the brawnier OTLs seem to be a very good choice and, as I noted earlier, the big Cary 805s are an example of an SET amp that works well.

General rule with the P/Es: If you're thinking exotica, proceed with caution.

Good Luck

I power my new Sarastro II with Moon W6's. The W6's have powered Encores & Ovation's in the past 5 years with no problem at all.
I still love my PE's with Aleph 2s via Aleph P, Nordost SPM from Electrocompaniet EMC1-UP. Totally natural.
I have tried two combinations with the Parsifal, one with Wavac MD-805m as power amp and the other one with Bryston power amp and valve pre.

Very different sounds, equally appealing.


Does anyone have an opinion on the EAR 899 integrated with the P/E? I've heard the P/E with EAR separates and the combination was amazing.

Thanks. b