Amp for Verity Parsifal

I am currently running my Verity Parsifal Encore's with a VAC Renaissance 70 III. I owned the amp prior to purchasing the speakers. Although the system sounds superb, I am wondering how much improvement I would get if I changed to an amp that would be a better match with the Verity's. If anything, the amp is a bit on the warmer and richer side of neutral(similar character of the speakers which may be a bit much). However, the amp is still very transparent with incredible realism, palpability, dimensionality, space and focus. The rest of my system consists of:
Basis Debut Gold
Graham 1.5T with new bearing cap
Clearaudio Accurate
Groove phono stage
Acoustic Zen silver interconnects
Oracle V4 speaker cable
Bybee speaker filters
Dedicated listening room - near field listening with Room treatment

I heard the Tenors at the Stereophile show with the Verity speakers and the source was an Audio Aero Capitol. Although there were limitations due to show conditions, the system had putity, transparency and immediacy that was beyond words. I also read that the amp is a magical match with my speakers. However, the amp is a bit pricey for my current situation.

Another amp I am considering is the Nagra VPA. My concern is limited power and possibly being too analytical. The Joule Electra rite of Passage looks interesting, although the model below is more in my price range.

You thoughts or first hand experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Nagra analytical?

Acutally, I found them quite opposite in spite thier stark
industrical appearance.

50 watts VPA, you are right, don't go far, when driving speakers
like B&W or Wilson, but, should do all right for Parcifal/encore.
Have you considered BAT VK-75se, or monoblocks of the same amp. They sound great together, try and arrange a demo.
Hi BKonig, I agree with Tireguy. If you can swing a pair of BAT 150se mono amps with your 51se pre-amp you would have a great match for your speakers. I'm using that amp and pre combo to drive Eidolon's and it's has the "magic" we all crave. Good luck to you, Tom

I own a pair of Parsifal/Encores, and am currently getting what I consider to be excellent reslults with believe it or not, a Krell KAV 500i (2x500 watts integrated) using balbanced outputs. I should add that the associated cables (IC's and PC's) are all top shelf (lots more $ invested in cables than in the amp), and I'm using an Electrocompaniet EMC I MKII CDP as the digital source. I have read (in an online review/commentary during research before purchasing the speakers) that anything below about 100 watts is really not enough for VA Parsifal/Encore combo ....... what are your expeeriences in driving them with your VAC? Obviously 500 wpc is overkill, and care must be taken. I don't know what your budget is, or if you are still in the market, but if you can tollerate only one pair of balanced outputs, the KAV 500i is something you can most likely afford (going for around $2250.00 used).... I have to stress that in this case, good cables (and balanced mode) make all the difference. I know this does not represent the ultimate in amplification quality, but it may well be the ultimate in terms of quality for the buck spent... in any case, I will one day upgrade to monoblocks, and would be very interested in your findings.

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Good listening,

Wow, we have some similiarities. I also have Parsifal Encore's and had a VAC 70/70 sig. I also used to have a Graham arm and Accurate cart.! I had a few different preamps over the years (CAT, Lamm, and others). I had good sound but... you know this hobby. I got a BAT 51SE and 75SE amp and i'm loving the sound. I also have a dedicated listening room and listen in the nearfield. My brother has Tenors with the Parsifals and is very happy, but as you said they are pricey. You already have the 51SE so the 75SE would be a perfect match.