Amp for Vandersteens 2ce sig 2's

If you had the choice...What amp would you mate with an Audible Illusions 3B preamp into Vandersteen 2ce Sig2's?
Vacuum tube? Solid state? Any comments are welcome. Thank you... All the best...
You don't want a warm sounding amplifier on the Vandies, something like a McCormick will make them shine...
Quicksilver Silver 88 or the older Silver 90 (mono) are magical on this speaker. Holographic, extension at the top and bottom. Great synergy.
You might consider looking at some of the offerings from Rogue Audio. I've read 2 lengthy interviews with Mark O'Brian, the owner of Rogue who says they've had a long successful relationship with Vandersteen.

When asked why, Mr. O'Brian remarked, "Because Vandersteen's don't really do anything wrong"

Currently I'm running my Sig 2's with a Rogue Cronus Magnum. After a bit of tube rolling, I've found the sound I've been looking for. Couldn't be happier.
I've heard the 2CE Sig's with Cary tube amps numerous times and the combination is darn near magical.