Amp for Vandersteen Wood Quatros

I am planning to purchase a pair of Vandersteen Wood Quatros so that I can once again listen properly to large scale music in my best listening room. I am hoping to get advice/recommendations for amplification. System components - Analog via an Ayre-DPS turntable and Kenwood L-01T FM tuner, digital via a McIntosh MCD500 SACD player, Shindo Masseto preamp, Auditorium 23 ICs, Crystal Cable speaker cable, and Shunyata power conditioning. The room is 14' wide by 27.5' long with an 8' ceiling. The speakers will be positioned on the short wall, and the likely speaker front plane to listening position distance will be 10 to 11 feet. Many thanks in advance for your guidance.
Quicksilver. I had the 6c333c triode mono blocs with a monbrison and loved the combination. I have also heard quicksilver v4 with the kt120 tubes with the Quattros at Audio Connection (a major Vandy dealer) and the music coming from the quattros was the best I ever heard from them. Also John is very helpful with all things Vandersteen.
Aronsss - Thank you for your comments about Quicksilver. After posting here I found a thread on another forum; there seems to be a number of folks that like the Shindo pre/Quicksilver amp combo with the Wood Quatros. That is a combination that I would not have considered. Thus far I have been considering only SS - Ayre and Accuphase. Nice to learn about other options that have worked!
Audio Research or Ayre
Thanks, Stringreen. Do you have any particular Audio Research and Ayre amps in mind?
I have an Ayre V1xe and am using it with Vandersteen 5A's with great results. If your pocket book can go for the monoblox, they are a bit better. John at Audioconnection is an Audio Research/Vandersteen dealer and can advise as to that brand. Good listening...
Thanks again, Stringreen. If I go with SS, I am definitely leaning toward an Ayre amp at this point. Really intrigued by the new VXR but it is an expensive piece of kit.

Good listening to you as well!
When I owned Vandersteens a few years back and spent much time reading all about them, I'm pretty sure that at that time Richard used Quicksilver for his system at home. Whether he did or didn't you could easily do worse than trying something like the V4 to drive VS speakers.
I heard the Wood Quatros being driven by the Quicksilver V4 at Audio Connection, but I much preferred the Aesthetix Atlas that Johnny used to drive the Vandy 5A's. Two very different sounds and I'm sure you'll prefer one over the other. You can also embed the high pass filters inside the Atlas. Give Johnny R. a call to arrange a demo if you are on the East coast.