amp for vandersteen Quatro maybe vandersteen 5a

After listening to v. Quatro have decide to go with this speaker. Need help on choosing amp and pre amp.Thanks
Ayre is a very popular choice. That's what I use. A V-5 and a K-5 would be hard to beat. But you should still listen to them first. Just because I like them doesn't you'll feel the same way. Aesthetix is a good choice if you want to use tubes.
What amp and preamp were you listening to on the Vandersteen speakers that made you like them?

I have heard these speakers on several occasions. Solid-state or Tubed, it is up to you- whichever way you go, get out there and listen, listen and listen to the offerings from Aesthetix, ARC or Ayre.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
AR tube
AR Tube is what I was going to recommend. Commonly matched together. Cheers,
I have 5A carbon and use ARC Reference 250s. You can buy a used Ref 75 which will match very well with quarto or even Ref 110 .
I have the Treos and am about to upgrade to Quatro CT's. I just got an Ayre AX5/20...

Like folks said,

Most any great neutral amp will work wonderfully, but these are what he uses to show them at shows much of the time.
With tube and Quatro what's your thoughts on minimum power
What is Quatro (CT) are there different kinds
Yes he used to make a socked one and now he makes only wood ones. The original one was a ceramic coated tweeter. Now he used the carbon fiber technology he gathered from the Model 7 mark 2. I think the tweeter is the same one that's in the 5, but I'm not 100% on that. Regardless the newer Quatro is something very very special in audio.

I need to listen to it a bit more, but I am currently listenting to my Treo's with an Ayre AX7e as the dealer has borrowed my new Ayre AX5/20 and the sound is natural and the stage is very large. The past hour has been a variety of classical and rock, lol. All hi rez recordings. Yesterday I was listening to my AX5/20 with Wilson Alexandria's and the sound was outstanding as it should be for 50K speaker. That said I still like the Vandy 7's over the Wilsons.
Different approaches and both work very well, but the Vandy to me is a more believable speaker. When you run the his newest speakers with the best electronics you get what you paid for. That said, this AX7e (the newest model) just sounds right, espeically for the price. I think it's a bargin in high end audio. I hate to sell this one, but with the AX5 here it's playing in the majors and it's not even broken in yet.
I also like the fact that I'll be able to use the crossovers with my integrated based on what I was told.

Are you looking to purchase the Quatro or 5aCT's new or used?
Yup, what everyone said:
(I assume Aesthetix is also a good choice as Vandersteen has paired with this at several shows)
Try to audition Rogue tube gear if you can. I use a pair of M-180 amps. Very natural sound and easy maintenance.
I agree with trying Rogue. Their amps, even the less expensive integrateds, are real giant killers. I listened to a pair of Vandersteen Quatro CT's with the Rogue mono tube amps and the sound was stellar. Prefer them to the Devalet SS amp. Also the Vandy carbon tweeter is a huge step up to the standard ceramic coated one. IMO.
Yes, I've heard the upper end Vandy's with all the gear you are listing and they all sound great. Heck, the AR Ref 75 with AR pre was about as good as it gets one of the times I heard the 5A CT. It just was musical, dynamic, detalied without anything getting in the way. I probably posted that above in this thread, but it's still that good in my head. All of us who were listening couldn't belive it was a 75 watt amp doing that.
The main portion of the 5A is tube friendly- most of our customers use our MA-1s on there to good effect.
Richard LOVES the sound of SE and tubes. Yes, they mate so well from 100 up and then their own built in amp takes over.
I have used many different amps with Vandersteens over time: Levinson, Belles, McCormack and Conrad Johnson

For me the CJ's are the match I prefer and have been using with Vandie 5A's for many years. Very listenable
I have an all Ayre system with 5A's. Very happy.
Interesting that so many owners love so many different types of amps with them. I have found them very easy to drive. They seem so neutral that if you love a brand of electronics that is what you will hear. Not all high end loudspeakers seem to be like that from what I've listened to.