Amp for Vandersteen 3Asig.

Looking for a new amp. My curent amp is a ARC D-115mkII.
My preamp is ARC LS22 with the Vandersteen speakers. I love the soundstage and presence of the D-115 but would like more dynamic sound. I would like to go to solid state but don't think I can get that (you are there)sound.Any suggestions?
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Pass Aleph series. These are the solid state amps for those who love tubes. They have much better bass and treble extension than tube amps yet they have the lack of grain, the smoothness, the airiness and the soundstage that you get from tube amps. They are also extremely neutral while revealing loads of detail. Sweet transparent midrange, but without the midrange tube bloom. There is nothing tizzy in the high frequencies and there is no electronic signature from these amps. As far as solid state amps go or any amp for that matter, they are hard to find fault with. The only thing is that they are not the most dynamic solid state amp there is. It would help if your preamp could supply some excellent dynamics.

My system:
Philips CD80 CD player
CAT SL-1 Ultimate
Pass Aleph 4 (100 watts/CH Single-ended Class A)
Vandersteen 3A Signature

This system can rattle floors and windows with the bass extension yet gives up little to the most refined systems out there. I love the CAT and don't think I would ever sell it, but it is not the perfect match here. I need a preamp with outrageous dynamics. I would like to try a First Sound Audio Presence Deluxe Mk II someday. But first, I'll change my CD player. I suspect that the CAT would be more dynamic, have more detail and even out-soundstage your LS-22, so beware that introduction of the Aleph might necessitate other changes in your system.
I agree with Rayhall in that the Pass amps are an excellent choice for use with the 3Asigs. I can also recommend the McCormack amps especially with Rev. A or higher upgrade for that "you are there sound". The DNA2 Rev. A especially was a good match for the 3Asigs. Good Luck. Craig
I am using a Bryston 4B-ST with my Vandy 3A Sig's and pair of 2Wq subs, and I'm one mighty happy, yet frugal, camper. The Vandy's respond very well to an amp that provides tight bass and relatively high current. If you have a very large room, or listen at very high volume level, you might want to consider Bryston's newest amp, the 14B-ST, which has gotten terrific critical reviews.

You might also audition the Ayre amp -- my local Vandy dealer uses the Ayre to drive his demo Vandy's (3A Sig's, and Model 5's), and it's a fine combination.
One thing about Vandersteen speakers is that they love tubes.Just ask R.V. himself.I've owned 2C's and 3A's and also the D115 mk2 and found them to be quite musical however something was still missing until the VT100 mk3 entered the picture.Everything that sounded good got a whole lot better without that hazy smear.This is just my opinion as everyone else on this site has their own conclusions.My advice is to call and speak to the man himself and get an unbiased opinion.
Try calling Richard and see what he says. He had told me before that he likes and recommends ARC tube products with his speakers. Then again, maybe you have slightly different tastes than he does, but i doubt it. After all, you did buy his speakers : ) May be worth a call though, as it is possible that his thoughts and preferences have changed since then. At least it would offer you some insight as to what he used to voice the speakers with. Sean

PS... I would suggest asking simple and to the point questions. Let him talk and explain his point of view and then ask further questions from there. He gets irritated if you keep jumping in and interrupting him. Then again, most people do, but he has to put up with it every day, all day long : )