Amp for VA Beethovens?

I am upgrading to the Vienna Acoustics Beethovens from the VA Mozarts. I have been using a Creek 5350SE int. amp which is 85w at 8ohms and 150w at 4ohms. The Mozarts are 6ohm speakers, and the Beethovens are 4ohm. While I am sure that the Creek will power the Beethovens, I think that I would be better off with something more powerful. I would prefer another integrated amp, but am willing to either add an amp to the Creek, or get a matched set. Any suggestions? Thanks
You don't mention your budget but here's a couple of suggestions: I have the Beethovens but will be selling them soon as I move up the food chain, so these are from personal experience. At the rather expensive range, a MAC MC2102 was the best followed by a Sonic Frontiers Power 2. Down the line, I had a Classe CA200 that was also great with the Beethovens and lastly both a proceed AMP2 and believe it or not an Outlaw 750 also worked well. I guess the moral is, the Beethovens work well with most amps but I would look for an amp that's fairly powerful.

Good Luck, Mike.
I'm a former Beethoven owner, I moved up to the Strauss. I preferred a SS amp. I know some like a tube amp with the Beethovens, but IMHO the bass was not tight enough. I used a Classe CA-200 with great success, until moving up to my current Threshold T400. If you want to stay with an integrated, I'd recommend the BAT VK-300.

Good luck,
With my Beethovens, I used an Ayre V3. Fantastic sound!
They do not sound very good with B+K amps. Vienna's are kind a layed back so a if you drive them with something a little more forward it's O.K. I would like to try them with my freinds Krell.