Amp for Usher BE-20 ?

Hi all,
Usher Be-20 owner out there, what amp you use to drive these beast ?
I have these speakers for couple days now - these have Diamond DMD tweeter. Still listening with Krell KSA-50S
Amps at hand including Atma-Sphere MA-1 and Cary 805C.
Pre-amp is Cary SLP-05
My listening habit is not too loud, and this Krell 50wpc is ok (only first light bias lid). But somehow I hear the low freq quite missing
I will rotate amps to test it out - Not sure if I need something with 200wpc, SS or tube ?
The DMD tweeter is somehow bright to my taste (got use to softdome tweeter, need time to adjust my hearing :)
Do you think tube amp will help smooth out the HF? I might try Cardas Ref cable to soothe the DMD ?
We represented Usher for several years and, in our experience, they performed best with high current, slightly warm solid state amplifiers such as Pass Labs, Simaudio, and Ayre.
Thuan98, you hardly have any break-in time on them. Give them a few hundred hours of play before you start worrying too much about how they sound.
I used to have Usher Be-20. I think it also benefit from amp with higher damping factor. Something like Lamm M2.2 which has enough wattage to play as loud as I need does not control the bass quite as well as I would have like. Lamm's damping factor is a bit on the low side at 82. While you don't need amp with damping factor in the thousands to ten thousands like Soulution or Karan, damping factor of a few to several hundreds probably would be enough.
Thanks to all,
After 2 months, after trying another Cary CAD120S, and then a pair of Bel Canto Ref500M. Now I end up with a pair of Usher R1.5 in bridged mode.
Things star getting better and better as the amps going thru break-in period
I couldn't break away with tube sound :)
Currently rotate an old model of Atma MA1 and CAD805C to take care upper freq - An Usher R1.5 stereo to drive 4x 11" woofers
Good matching result, as SS amp rate 150wpc while MA1 has 100wpc
TIA- Slightly off topic but I am considering buying the BE-20s for my 16*15 room. Do you think that is a big enough size?
My latest upgrade is a pair of Bob Carver VTA180M
Wonderful amps :)
Will my Rogue Audio Apollos be a good match for these speakers?
I own a BE-10 with MUSIC CULTURE MC-811 power amps and MC-601 pre-amp. Truly amazing. Bass are deep and controled, medium is holographic and magical, highs are perfectly integrated to the whole stereo image with maximum smoothness and details. Evidence is the word.

The BE series are truly the more accurate, natural and transparent speakers i ever listen to. The problem is that they are very dependant on the associated electronics.
I tried those with differents electronics from tube technology to solid state. CLASS A power amps work fine with it. I think that's why USHER Audio created the R1.5 to match their speakers. I own 2 R1.5 and it was very good for a low price. PASS LABS is also great depending on the model.
I run my BE-10 with MUSIC CULTURE MC-811 and MC-601 pre-amp. Truly amazing. MUSIC CULTURE has been created by the founder of MBL. Same sound without the price's extra zeros... Even if it's not cheap at all! The MC-801 power amp is also damn good for a low price, even better than 4 times more expensive electronics.
The sound is emotional and i didn't find many electronics able to do such things with so much evidence...
do you think a rogue magnum chronos would power these speakers? i have the 120 tubes rated at 100 watts.
I would like at the Purity Audio Class D Tube Hybrids or the Clayton M200 or M300 if you can swing it.
They need power! Try the Merrill Audio Veritas mono Blocks with a tube preamp like the Purity Preamp.