Amp for use with Jm Labs Electra 946's

Any amp suggestions for use with the 946's? I'm currently looking solid state and would appreciate suggestions for both power amps and integrated. I've been considering the Krell 400ix, Krell Mono's as well as some of the Mac's. Room is fairly large, living room dining room combo, coverted to pool room and listening area. 23 ft. ceilings and fairly open.

I'd appreciate any adivce.

It really depends on your musical taste. Personally, I fine the Electra series to be fairly neutral in the midrange but a bit bright on top. Using Krell might give you too much brightness. If it were me, I'd consider a pair of Electrocompaniet AW220s, or maybe the Pass XA200 monoblocks if you can afford them. In terms of an integrated though, you're going to be hard pressed to find anything with enough power for your room, so Krell may be the way to go.

Best of luck.
Thanks for the info. The Pass XA200 mono's are a bit out of my range, any other Pass Amps that you would suggest?
Any thoughts on the Plinius 250 with these?
I'm enjoying my Pass Labs X-250 that I use with my electra 926's.
I'm afraid I can't really speak to the quality of the other Pass amps. I haven't heard them. I really would take a good hard look at Electrocompaniet if you want to keep the budget low.