Amp for Thiel 3.7s

I am of the opinion that my Thiels never have sounded as good as when I heard them in the dealer driven by McIntosh MC501s. As power hungry as the Thiels are, I am in the market for a solid state high power amp or mono amps with at least 500w or so into 4 ohms. One of the key consideration is that the amp must not be bright but have a warmer character given the Thiels. I am thinking about BAT 600se, Pass 350.5 or perhaps monoblocks like the Parasound JC1s, 501s or Marantz Ma9S2. I hesitate to go to monoblocks though due to the sense that it is overkill and wonder if the extra expense, except the JC1s, is worth it. My preamp is the Modwright 36.5 which I have really liked. Interested in your opinions on these and other amps that I should consider.
A friend of mine drives his 3.7s with JC-1s and the sound is exceptionally good.
One of the best amps on the market is the Ayre K1xe. They are not a current model, but are a great amp never the less....very musical...they strike a sane balance between the sounds of tubes and solid state.
I heard the 3.7's with a Mac and thought it sounded sublime.

A used Mac 602 would be a good fit and great bang for the buck. The JC1's probably sound nice but they run hot and are energy hogs.
Don't know what your budget is, but I'd go for Gryphon or daTZeel.
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If I had the Thiel 3.7's I would get a pair of Clayton M200 or M300 Class A amplifiers. They are built like a tank and sound like a hybrid between tubes and solid state. They are the best solid state amps without the incredible prices of many other so-called high end amps.

Never tried on Thiel 3.7 but the JC1's are sublime on my Thiel CS2.4
Mac 501's are excellent for the price especially. I think you have to spend alot more to get better sound. I've used them for several years with Thiel 3.6
Pass or Krell. Don't worry about overkill.
I was recently in a similar situation to juice my CS2.4's and got the VK-600. Great combination and BAT's got super build quality like Thiels
Bryston would also be an excellent choice. Remember the 3.7s are power hungry!
Gryphon, if it's not cost prohibitive.

The Sanders Magtech amp will solve all your problems.