Amp for Thiel 2.2?

I know variations of this question has been discussed several times, but many of the questions and responses have been from many years ago. So here I am again. I just bought my Thiels 2.2 on Craig's List KC for $650. I have been listening to them powered with a Music Hall A-25.2 and playing my music with a PC laptop and a HRT Streamer II+. My thought was to use the Music Hall as a preamp for a while until I make that investment. I would like to find something $400-$1200, but I would spend more if it would make a difference. One other thing is, there is no place near to audition any HIFI near me in KC, so I really need to rely on your comments to guide me. Thanks
Classe amps and Thiels have always been a good combination. There is for sale on audiogon now 3 Classe CAM 350 monoblock amps. Price seems right! Check it out.
Here is what I would consider if I were buying an amp in your price range for the 2.2s (no affiliation with seller):
Dc2daylight - What do you think of this?? CLASSE CA-100 POWER AMPLIFIER There is one on Ebay now!

I guess you would need 2 of the Classe CAM 350s to get two channels??

Cmalak: I have been looking at the Conrad Johnson MF2300 today. I bet that would class up my listening!!

Have you heard anything about PS Audio HCA-2??
Jerry...I have not so don't know much about the HCA-2. Good luck hunting and let us know what you end up with and how it works out. All the best.
Though the 2.2's drop below 4 Ohms for a small portion of their load, the phase angle is pretty benign. There are host of good amp choices available from (in my personal preferred order) Krell, Pass, Threshold, ss conrad-johnson and Classe'. My suggestion would be one of the above with at least 200 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms.
Theil and Bryston regularly pair up at hifi shows. Haven't heard the combo personally, but if they think enough of each other to consistantly team up together, the combo is definitely worth considering IMO.

Be prepared to upgrade the source and pream in the future!
I agree with Dc2daylight that Thiels n Classe make a good pair. I had a pair of Thiels 2 2s, with Classe DR-6 preamp n DR-9 power amp for 13 years, before the upgrade bug hit me.

Classe tonality was warmer in their earlier days, but then the CAM 350 monos make sense, as the 2 2s definitely deserves more than an integrated. Best to combine a tube preamp together with the CAM 350s - you will not go wrong
Thiel has used many different amps over the years to demo their speakers at shows, and sometimes for different reasons.
Well, I bought an am here this week. Some of you may want to slap me over my decision. I am a professor of photography for 30 years and lots of young photographers would ask for my recommendations for lighting and camera. I would spend some time and share my experiences with them and then they would go buy something I would never recommend.

I bought the Aragon 3002 that was on sale here this week. My searching all over the net found many recommendations for the Aragon 4004 and the Acurus 250. I am aware that there is some grumbling about about Klipsch messing up this amp. Well, the guy said it was reduced for a quick sale and I just could not resist a sale.

I am going to use my Music Hall integrated for a preamp for a while and start looking for a preamp.

Thanks for all the imput even if I did not listen???
Jerrycentral...congrats on the new amp. All that matters is that the amp works out for you and that you are happy with it. If it does, great, and if it does not, it sounds like you got a good enough price on it that you will not take much of a hit if you have to turn around and sell it and look for something else. Either way, good luck and happy listening.
While not my first choice, it is a good choice. Hope you find a suitable pre. Enjoy!
I ran a classe with Thiel for a few years until I heard them with an Aragon 8008BB. Classe has been in the loft since.