Amp for the Wilson Sophia3s

Have a small room 12' x 18' x 8', what amp(s) would you Sophia 3 owners recommend?
I heard a pair using Ayre but not sure of the model. You should have lots of choices for amps (TUBE). I love the sound and wish I had a pair. Good luck.
The Sophia 3's are excellent speakers. I don't own em', but I own a pair of updated (2009) Watt Puppy 5.1's. Here are some excellent matches that I've found (note, all will be tube recommendations):

Vista Audio i34. This integrated is only $980, but man oh man does it make excellent music, especially when paired with the Wilson's. A stupid good value.

AMR 777. This British hybrid integrated sells for around $4500 and is a superb match with the Wilson's. It has quite a bit of drive to it. Pair it with the AMR's CD-player and you've got a top notch system.

McIntosh 275. This is a great amp and may be one of the best values in McIntosh's line (well, in my opinion at least). I believe it sells for around $5500 or so. Pair this up with a Lamm LL2 Deluxe and call it a day.

Viva Solista. Damn near $20,000 nowadays. Wonderful sounding piece and a great match with Wilson's, which are efficient enough to make good use of the amps (relatively) limited output power.

- As you can tell, my bias sways heavily towards glowing glass - especially when it comes to Wilson. Good solid state matches can be found though. Naim XS and the Naim 200 series makes for a good match in my experience, as does Karan Acoustics.

Good luck, and enjoy the new speakers!
I have Densen B-350 mono amps and love the sound, but be careful because the Densens reveal everything! Densen doesn't compensate for bad recordings!
I have heard at my dealer the Sophia 3s driven w/ the Luxman 100watter int amp. Its sound mighty fine! However, the Sophia3s are not that choosy of amps. Anything will sound good with them. Kudos to Wilson Audio.