Amp for Tannoy TD12?

Tube amp or high power amp for these 92db speakers with 12inch dual concetric?
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Either would do fine.
Both types of amps will drive the Tannoy's. The selection depends on what sound you're trying to obtain. Tubes will provide a liquid midrange with wonderful harmonics. The solid state amp will provide more bass and slam but not quite the same midrange magic.
I'd suggest borrowing one of each from a dealer and decide. Good luck.

I have the older Tannoy Arden(single 15)and used to use a Cary CAD 300sei.
Very nice sound in a large room.
Switching to the Red Dragon Leviathan Signature mono blocks gives you all the liquid smooth midrange of the set with the added bottom end authority of a high powered solid stae amp.
In my opinion the best of both worlds.
The added bonus is the amps are 83% efficient.
No wasted electricity and hot summer nites.
I heard Audio Research D400 in my room and wow there was huge improvment in bass.All of trhe sudden it came out like i never heard it before.It was huge,I was now thinking maybee too much for some music.For music in 70' was gorgeous though.But it did not have drive and PRAT of Naim with 70w whch I was missing.I guess I can' have everything.What about Pass X250.5?