Amp for Sonus Faber Sonetto ii- 1500 or less

I am going to be purchasing these speakers after a good audition and I am worried about driving them being 4 ohms. My original plan was a denon 3700h or similar but now thinking I might need something better for 4 ohm speakers. Just 2 channel for the time being. In an open floor plan living room kitchen. So any AVR/ power amp or integrated would work. Would be part of TV movie gaming system. Any suggestions? New or used. 
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Find a used Moon by Simaudio 240i

had the 240i Sonetto II package and loved it.

Now I have the 340i and Sf Olympica Nova III and I am in heaven.
I believe you can explore many options and believe you would enjoy Moon ACE as well. 
Looks like there aren’t many used simaudio integrated amps for sale. Any sub 1500 power amps that do well into 4 ohms? I’ve seen some good deals on the old parasound a23. 
I really like my Ragnarok and it is said to output 100W into 4ohms. They sell for $1500 new unless you want to have a DAC card in it (I would go for that if you can afford it).
Consider the Rogue Audio Sphinx (solid state). or used the Cronus Magnum (tube).  I have a friend with the Sphinx and the SF and it is really nice (assuming good cables).
I actually have a Sphinx in another system running Magnepan 1.7i and it sounds great. I could always take that with me to the new place I guess. I can’t take the Maggie’s (moving across the country in a sedan)
So now I am down to the NAD M10, Lyndgdorf Tdai 1120, and Arcam Sa30

anyone have experience using these for TV and Music setups. Anyone compared these?