Amp for Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage

I was wondering if anyone had a special good experiance with a particular amp/amp set for a set of Guarneris. My amp price range is about $4000 on the used market.

Thank's in advance from Denmark!
go directly sonus faber musica amp.wonderfull macth also goldmund amps.
Add YBA (used) to yr list. If you can pinch a "Passion" at that price, you'll be well served. If not, do try Sonus' own amps. The bigger Goldmunds, as per Adsal, may be expensive in Denmark. Another idea is a Symphonic Line integrated called "Kraftwerk". I heard it with floor-standing Sonus (model? not the most expensive) and the sound was beautiful (listened to classical).

Closer to home, I assume you have checked out great Danish products?

If you are considering the Symphonic Line, go to This is the same amp for a lot less cash!! IT is awsome!!