Amp for Sonus Faber GP?

I own a pair of Sonus Faber Concerto Grand Piano.
I am looking for amp in the $2000-$2500 USD price range.
I've narrowed it down to 5 integrated amplifiers to drive my SF GP:
- YBA DT Integre
- Krell 300i
- Synthenis Simus
- Jadis Orchestra reference
- Manley Stingray

Which one is the best choice for my SF GP speakers?
If anyone has heard these or had the chance to compare them.
I'd be interested to hear your opinions.
Any other suggestions for other models are welcome too.

I mostly listen to classical music(Female vocals, violin&cello and piano).

Thanks for your kind help.
If possible, listen to a Plinius 8200. It is a great integrated. I would stay far away from the Krell for classical music. I owned one. It does a great job with rock, with it's dynamic presentation, but can be very harsh with strings and piano. The YBA is very nice also. It has a balanced presentation and is smoother than the krell, but is limited in power. If you want the name of a Plinius dealer, who will give you a good deal and may let you demo one, let me know.
Sonus Faber use Spectral as electronics to test their speakers.
I'd recommend giving a Classe integrated a listen as well. I use SF Concertos with a CAP 150 with great results.
as a ss amps must be fast for SF speakers.personelly my choice is sonus faber integrated amp.its a great product.
I used to sell these speakers and only enjoyed them using tube amps. The Quicksilver Silver 60s at $2495.00 pr. were a great match with tight, well controlled bass and otherworldly imaging
Sound Factory used to use Spectral, now they use GOLDMUND. I would recommend their integrated
SRI 2 125W per channel, a perfect match.
Spectral DMA-100S would a good choice as a stand alone device. GOOD LUCK