Amp for Sonus Faber Cremona M's

I'm looking at upgrading my system and I think my speakers are going to be Cremona M's. My current amp is an Arcam A28 and that is obviously not an ideal paring for the Cremonas. Does anyone have experience with what pairs well with Cremonas? Budget wise I'm looking at something in the $5000-$8000 rage.
Im having great results with the AYRE V5-xe. but my cremonas are the originals , not the m's
I'm using Audio Research VS115 with my Cremona M's. I think there is good synergy between the two because both excel in midrange reproduction. I've tried various solid state amps (Classe, McIntosh, etc.), but the sound is a bit too bright and lacking in warmth for my taste. Others may prefer the sound of solid state. FYI most of my music listening is classical and for me, tubes come closer to recreating the sound of live music in a concert hall.
The Burson's timekeeper have an outstanding midrange with soft treble, not fatiguing. Everything gets better once you have 2 units on bridged mode. Worth checking.
I've posted this before, but here goes again. I'm using Pathos integrates in mono-block mode. I've had this set up for a couple years and think the Pathi and Cremora M's work very well together. If you can, give this combo a listen.
I once heard a pair of SF Cremona M's being driven by a Marantz PM-8004, and could not believe what I was hearing - extremely impressive performance. Now I am not recommending this particular amplifier even though I know it will get the job done and costs less than your existing Arcam. But I am suggesting that you check out the flagship of the Marantz reference line, the PM-11S3. At 5K list, its right at the bottom of your budget and I am sure you would be impressed too.

BTW, I drive my 4 Ohm Vienna Bach Grands with the PM-11S3's little brother, the PM-15S2 and am so pleased, I will not be looking for another amp for a long time.
McIntosh is always a perfect match with Sonus Faber..
A used MC252 (250w/ch) is the lowest powered amp I would recommend. A used one can be had for $2500. A very nice amp - replaced mine (my first Mc amp) with a McIntosh MC452. My speakers are Sf Cremona Auditor Ms and REL B1 sub-bass system.
I used CJ Premier 140 with my original Cremona's with excelllent results.
I am using the Luxman Class A integrated L-590ax amplifier for my Sonus Faber Olympic II Speakers. This Class A amplifier drives my SF Olympic II speakers to loud levels in my living room. The Luxman L-590ax is fully balanced and I am using balanced cables from my Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC to the Luxman.

The Luxman amplifier is very heavy and the box is huge (doubled boxed). And, yes, it does get warm to touch but the heat is not a problem. It does need plenty of open air around it.

It is hard for me to describe how it sounds. It seems the music is fuller, with more detail and with better bass control. It seems I am hearing more things than I did with the Ayre AX-7e amplifier. The mid range is outstanding. I do not understand but it seems classical music sounds better on the Luxman than the Ayre. The music is clearer, more airy and easier to listen to. Overall, the new amplifier sounds excellent in my system. I listen to classical, jazz, blues, country and new age.

Another option is the Ayre AX-5 integrated amplifier. I like the Luxman L-590ax because of its Class A design and that it is fully balanced.

I am hoping you can borrow some amplifiers and use them in your system to see how they work.
I've heard the Cremonas (not M, actually) with a Spectral combo and it was a good match; I heard the same pair (a friend of mine is the owner) with CJ's but I preferred Spectral: more "life" without losing "finesse" nor getting harsh at all. It was a DMC30 + DMA200 combo, but I guess other Spectral models could be good as well, if there is a "family sound".
Here in Italy it is a common opinion that Spectral + SF = good match (depending also on the single models).

I also heard the Olympica II + Luxman 590ax as in Hgeifman set up and yes, it was veeeery goooood. I now don't remember Cremona M's sensitivity, but if it is around 90db it could be a good match, indeed. But I guess it largely depends on room's dimensions and listening volumes: the 590ax does deliver, but 30wpc will be 30wpc.
Get the wyetech ,onyx, or sapphires ,I have the sapphires on the guarneri homage