amp for snell k

Can anyone suggest a moderately priced some older snell k's? I am using them with my Onkyo home theater and i really want to step up to something that will give me their real sound for music alone.


I had K/IIs, now have J/IIs, and have looked around a lot for amp recommendations for Snells. There are at least four schools of thought:

(1) a big, powerful amp (Stereophile used VTL tube monoblocks and Krell and Threshold power amps, all over 200 watts, for its review of the Snell K/II);

(2) a small valve amp (this is the Audio Note route; EL34 amps are often recommended on UK forums);

(3) a high quality class D amp (another recommendation I've seen on UK forums);

(4) a solid state integrated (some say that quality is important; some say that any decent amp will do).

FWIW, I use a Naim Nait 5i, so I guess I fall into the last camp. Snells are great speakers, and the Ks are supposed to be better than the K/IIs. My guess is that you'd do well with any good quality amp that fits your budget.
I've owned this speaker, would try the Rega Brio or Mira as it needs a bit of warmth. The tube amp suggestions given are on also.
Having owned several pairs of Snell Ks, Js and Es, I find that these speakers sound best with a reasonably powered valve amps. My preference is for SET, but PP is also great. Here are my choices for a good match w/ Ks (or K/IIs):
- Audio Note OTO SE Phono (integrated), EL-84
- Golden Tuba Audio SE-40, 6SN7
- Quicksilver Mini Mite (monoblocks), 6L6
- Sophia Baby, EL-84
- Peachtree Decco, SS w/ int. DAC

The Decco works surprisingly well w/ the Ks. It's not nearly as lush as a tube amp but it makes a great combo for a bedroom system.