amp for Silverline minuet supreme plus?

I just got a pair if this minimonitors I am using the onkyo 9555 class D, I don't particulary like the sound, wondering what combination are you using with sucess.
The speakers are great.
I have a pair of the older Minuets coming in. It's been a while since I got to mess with these speakers, so I did some research and opinions ranged from their being the best thing since sliced bread to being on the bright side.

My experience with Onkyo gear is that it tends to sway toward the bright and thin side too. This may be your problem. I'd say that something that has the sound character of maybe an NAD amp would do the trick.
Had the Silverline Minuet Supremes and now have the pluses. Bright is probably the last term I would use.
Have had Quad, Harbeth, Von Schweikirt, Chartwell and Spendor monitors over the years. I would rate them up there with the Harbeths and slightly better than Von Schweikirts.
Have ued Mesa, Mac, Wyred4sound, Bel Canto and PS audio amps with the Silverlines.
Currently using a heavily modified PS Audio C100.
Bright, I don't think so?
I am using now luxman class A and I put AZ satori jumpers changed the sound for good.
Silverlines are voiced with Pass amplifiers. Something like a used 30.5 should work superbly with those speakers.
I have Silverline Preludes and use a Jolida 502p with great results...this is the 712th time I've had the opportunity to mention this.
Since my last post, I got my Minuets in. I showed them to my cousin and he wanted to try them out. He's running some sort of Yamaha gear and after having heard his system, I'll reiterate, the Minuets can sound bright, with some material.

In my system, they sound wonderful. I'm running an NAD C162 pre amp and an Aragon 2004 amp. All cabling is from Blue Jeans.
The minuets get to a different level using Acoustic Zen satori jumpers,
I was shock but the difference they can make.
Awesome monitors
Class D amplification appears to be a work in progress. I keep trying them, ever hopeful, and keep getting shot down. The ones I have tried just don't sound realistic. Usually cold and hollow, greyish, lacking color.

It is such an attractive package - small, electricity efficient.... Sigh.
Mountainsong, if I remember right, those jumpers aren't cheap. Did you try bi-wiring before you got the jumpers?

As for the amp, I did try some Minuets with a small NAD integrated. The 326BEE, I think it was. Very satisfying sound coming from that combo.
Jumper note: I made jumpers from a couple of types of high end cable and neither sounded as good as the Silverline supplied jumpers, so the stock gold plated brass jumpers stay. File this under "strange but true" in the Audio Myth cabinet. My abologies to the jumper-centric.
I second Tonyangel I'm using a Nad 326BEE and the combination sounds very musical. I'm also wondering what might be the next step in amplification. I should try it with my Primaluna.
I just added evergreen interconnects to the Silverline with nad 326bee very nice improvement from the blue jean cable. The sound was more open and had better base with MOG and a Behringer 202 dac ($35)!!