Amp for rig w/ Heresy I

Am putting together a rig for a smallish den/library, 13'x15'x10'. Speakers are Klipsch Heresy I (non-negotiable) in perfect condition. Sources will be both analog and digital. Music is mostly what I'd call "musicianship-oriented rock", such as Wilco, Robyn Hitchcock, XTC, also a lot of classical, and a smattering of everything else.

I'm torn between two paths:

(a) ARC VT-60 w/ ARC pre. I like the idea of a KT88-type amp, to get some tube fullness and liquidity, but still enough meatiness for a big solid sound at normal listening volume.

(b) SET (2A3 or 300B), maybe Decware or similar. With this scenario, I'd add a Vandersteen sub, for obvious reasons, but hopefully gain some musicality and richness from the SETs.

Opinions and insight welcomed, concerning these two options. Will option (a) noticeably cheat me out of fully enjoying what these speakers do best? Will option (b) noticeably cheat me out of the full sound of the music I like?

How 'bout something like the Melody 2a3 PP integrated (excellent reviews)? They're pretty resonable ($2k??) and you can take the money you'd spend on a sub and get a nice tubed phono stage.
Damn you, Pawlowski... Can you not see that I'm trying to force a decision here, rather than broaden my perspective with a wider range of temptation?!? FFS! =)
The ARC set up will make those Klipsches sound as good as they possibly can. And LOUD!