Amp for Raidho TD1.2

Hi All - I am looking for a new amplifier for my Raidho TD1.2 and would appreciate some input. I am considering Pass Labs X150.8, Constellation Inspiration Stereo 1.0, Coda no. 8 and Coda S5.5. The speakers are in a large finished basement and paired with two Rel Carbon Special subs. The sensitivity is 87db and a 6 ohm impedance. Thanks in advance for your input.


I have a buddy with those speakers.  He likes to keep it Scandanavian and uses a high end Hegel integrated.  One of the best systems I've ever heard.


With Raidho speakers you want clarity, insight and dynamics, Pass Labs don't excel in those two areas.

I keep reading about the Constellation Stereo 1.0 and it seems to be a good match. I am still researching, but I don’t think I’ve accomplished much.

Respectfully, but I wholeheartedly disagree that Pass amps don't excel at clarity, insight and dynamics. That's ridiculous.

What preamp will you be using? Those are all great amps so I’d look for synergy with your pre. Earlier gen Raidho’s pair exceptionally well with Aavik amplification as both were designed by Michael Borresen. Your TD’s were designed by Benno Meldgaard after Borresen left Raidho but I suspect the pairing is still a good one. 
Coda’s roots go back to Threshold which was a Nelson Pass company so the Coda and Pass amps may sound more alike than different. I’ve heard Pass equipment but not Coda, so don’t take that as gospel though.

If you go with Constellation, please post your impressions as that’s something I’ve considered to match with my Raidho’s but haven’t listened too yet. I’m using Devialet amplification and really enjoy the match up.



Why not try the MusicLab amps (former Gamut)

Are said to be better than the Gamut amps, also Michael the owner is a great guy, very helpful.
Sells direct, so a lot of money to save and the amps are renown for reliability.

Thanks very much for your feedback. I plan on streaming through a Lumin T3 direct to whatever amp I go with. I have never owned anything from Gamut and I would love Gryphon, but it is probably out of my budget. I did have an Aavik I-280 with my Raidho XT-5 and they were fantastic together. Thanks again for your input.