amp for ProAc future .5

Hi boys, I have a Electrocompaniet ECM1up CD player and 4.7 preamp, and ProAc future .5 speakers.
My current amp is a Plinius 8200P and want to upgrade to a balanced amp with more balls.
My two choices are Plinius SA102 and Electrocompaniet AW120. I can get them for the same price.
I am looking for a musical amp, with big soundstage and deep end.
I enjoy with all kinds of music, specially jazz, soul, classsics and pop
Which one , of the two exposed above, would you go with?
I have heard these speaks on a JRDG Concentra II, and Meridian 588 and it was a magical combo.

Sell your separates and buy it.
Thank you Keithr, but I guess I will go for one of the two: Plinius or Electrocompaniet
they work perfect with Copland and even beter with Audia amplifier.