Amp for Pioneer FS52's

I’m trying to build a starter system for my nephew. So far, he has a Nakamichi RE-2 receiver rated at 55w @8ohms although it sounds more powerful than that. I’m thinking of sending him a pair of the Pioneer FS 52’s. Do you think the Nakamichi will provide enough power? I also have an old pair of Tannoy M3’s I could ship to him although I don’t have the boxes so shipping would be more of a hassle on my part. Any other suggestions for a pair of speakers in the $200-250 range to match with the Nakamichi? This would be used primarily for music. Thanks.
For new speakers ... 

The Wharfedale Diamond 210 or 220 would fit the bill nicely and would be in your price range.  Try

Music Direct also has the ELAC Debut series, as well that have been well reviewed.

Listings here on Audiogon, would be:

1.  Ascend Acoustics 170
2.  Gallo Classico 1

Also, two well reviewed speakers.

Any of these 4 should be ok and make for an excellent starter system.  i have done the same thing for my niece and it is great to speak with her about music and equipment.    

Thanks for the suggestions. I was intrigued by the Gallo’s. Are the Pioneer BS22’s the bookshelf version of the FS52’s?  I'm leaning towards floorstanders so he won't have to deal with getting stands.