Amp for Paradigm Studio 60 v5

need recommendations for a good low-budget amp for a pair of Studio 60 v5. I've been reading about the Emotiva's UPA-2 and/or XPA-2, but their not available until Feb/Mar.
another amp I was considering that seems to power the Paradigm's good is the ONKYO A9555, which it can be had new at half of the original rrp.
the fact is, I initially went to a Paradigm's dealer with the intention of auditioning the Mini Monitor, and I end up walking away with the (rather heavy) Studio 60. for this reason I'm a bit over budget.

should I wait for the Emotiva's, or buy the ONKYO now? any other recommendations in the same price range?
NAD, Adcom, Rotel will out perform the Onkyo
I would not sweat the electronics. The speakers and your room have a much larger impact on the sound of your system. Just make sure you have adequate power to drive the speakers to the levels you desire. I'd consider warranty after that.

Onkyo seems to have a good reputation; see the Stereophile review.

I'd also consider Marantz in that price range.
thanks, I received the A9555 today - comments I read here being used with the Paradigm's, and the Stereophile review did it. I may upgrade later on but for the time being it'll do.

would you mind clarifying what do you mean by 'not sweating the electronics' and 'I'd consider warranty after that.'?
Sure. I'm in the camp that believes that acoustics are the big issue with sound systems, i.e., speakers and the room. Electronics have been good enough for a long time. By that I mean they are capable of delivering a clean signal.

You can buy different sounding electronics, but unless something is broken, poorly matched or designed to simply sound different, electronics and cabling have minor impact on the sound of an audio system relative to that of speakers and the room. No matter how much you spend on electronics and cabling, the speakers are what reproduce the sound and they interact with the room.

Since I consider audible differences in electronics to be like "seasoning," the manufacturer's reputation and warranty become issues worthy of consideration. So I no longer "sweat" (worry over) the electronics. I'll also add that the user interface of a component is important to me. If I intend on using it daily, I'd like it to be pleasing rather than aggravating.

Just my view and I realize that many don't agree.