Amp for Paradigm Studio 60 v5

need recommendations for a good low-budget amp for a pair of Studio 60 v5. I've been reading about the Emotiva's UPA-2 and/or XPA-2, but their not available until Feb/Mar.
another amp I was considering that seems to power the Paradigm's good is the ONKYO A9555, which it can be had new at half of the original rrp.
the fact is, I initially went to a Paradigm's dealer with the intention of auditioning the Mini Monitor, and I end up walking away with the (rather heavy) Studio 60. for this reason I'm a bit over budget.

should I wait for the Emotiva's, or buy the ONKYO now? any other recommendations in the same price range?
NAD, Adcom, Rotel will out perform the Onkyo
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thanks, I received the A9555 today - comments I read here being used with the Paradigm's, and the Stereophile review did it. I may upgrade later on but for the time being it'll do.

would you mind clarifying what do you mean by 'not sweating the electronics' and 'I'd consider warranty after that.'?
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