Amp for Paradigm Studio 60 v.2/Primare D20?

I have a pair of Paradigm reference 60 v2, Primare D20 CD player, can anybody give me suggestions on what types of amp I should use?
Thanks a lot.
Well, from personal experience, a Bryston 3B-ST amp mated well with my Paradigm 60v2. They cost about $750 used. Your speakers do not have that great of a load for an amplifier.

If that is to expensive, keep your eyes out for a Parasound HCA-1000A or 1500-A. One last recommendation: Rotel RB 1080 or 1070.
The four above are less expensive that the 3B-ST.


Are you looking for an integrated amp? New or used?

I would suggest that you look at (new or used) integrated amps by Rotel, Creek, and NAD - preferably in that order.
try the denon pma 2000ivr intergrated amp.
I have a A20 Primare integrated that would be a perfect match to your D20 CD player. Let me know if your are interested. It is in perfect shape and I have the box, manual and remote. The remote will work your CD player so you can cut down on the "coffee table clutter."