Amp for Odyssey Lorelei Speakers?

Recently made my first Audiogon purchase, a set of Odyssey Lorelei speakers, and couldn’t be happier with the decision, which was the first of many gradual changes to my main setup.  Now I find myself looking to pair the speakers with a new amp and am smitten by the idea of a cable clutter reducing integrated and dac all in one.  At this time, the Peachtree Nova 220se, Nova 150, Hegel H160, and Parasound Halo all seem to fit within my price range (buying used), but the only one I’ve heard is the 220se. The setup will be used for digital (currently via Chromecast audio streaming, but with future plans to get a better streamer...again, it’s gradual) and LP via a Schiit Mani phono.  Music taste leans towards classic rock, but basically everything from mariachi to classical could be found playing in my house at any given moment, so versatility is a bonus. Any thoughts on the above options, especially for the Lorelei speakers? Am I stupid for wanting to go with an all in one option and should just be looking at separated instead that fall within my price range, including the odyssey amps (since I’m so impressed with the speakers)?
For 5 years I had an upgraded pair of Lorelei speakers.  They sounded fantastic with my Odyssey Stratos extreme amp.  The synergy had to be heard to be believed.  I also used the Groneberg cables since the amp and speakers were wired with them.  That combination was one of the best sounding system I had ever heard in my home.  I have since moved on to much more expensive equipment and often think to myself I should have kept the Lorelei speakers and Stratos amp.  I can't stress enough how magical it all sounded.
As an owner of the same type of upgraded Lorelei's as stereo5 I would agree that Odyssey amps would be the first choice but if you are determined to look at the all in one integrated amps I would look at the Nuprime IDA-16.