Amp for new Meadowlark Krestel 2's ?

Have a pair of Krestel 2's on the way. I have had feedback on another thread as to amp matching. I'm using my back up Denon PMA 2000(not all that bad really). It's not a long term answer. Jolida tubes keep popping up. Never tried tubes. I was think integrated-maybe Musical Fidelity, Bryston, McIntosh etc. Any thoughts? Front end is currently Marantz DV 9500.
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I'm using a Unison Research Unico with my Meadowlark Swifts, and like that combination. I think the Unico would also do nicely with the Kestral 2's.
I have used the Unison Research Unico with the Ospreys with a Jolida JD-100a both retubed with NOS Mullards... very, very musical combination.

IMHO a Unico or Jolida integrated will be more musical than a Musical Fidelity or Bryston... both of which will emphasize more detail... again my opinion only...
Time to chime in. I'm using a Roksan Kandy III integrated with Shearwater Hot Rods and have no desire to upgrade. Well maybe a little but who doesn't? I enjoy this combination, very nice at the price. Very reliable so far. The reliability issue is my only gripe with tubes. They may sound wonderful, and I do believe they do, but I prefer turning my amp on and knowing it's going to sound the same day after day without constant attention. Just my opinion. Good luck Beernut.
Thanks, tubes have made me nervous because of reliablity etc. I read good things about the sound though. Especially Jolida amps which seem to be a bargain. Hmm, the search continues.

You might also look into the Sound Quest SQ-88 integrated tube amp. The SQ-88 is well built, good looking, 55 watts, and comes with remote volume control. I use mine with Von Schweikert VR-4jr speakers with great success. Works great with the KT-88 tubes. I also tried it with EL-34 tubes but this did not mate as well to the VR-4jr as the KT-88 tubes.

The SQ-88 is sold by Quest for Sound. Do a search of the for sale listings for additional information and pictures.
Thanks for the input. Well, took the plunge and ordered a Jolida 502B. First attempt at tubes, I hope it's worth it. I've read nothing but good things about this amp, so time will tell.
Beernut, give us an update if you can tear yourself away from the music after the new amp settles in.
Timrhu, I sure will. Looking forward to this experiment. Now, I'm wondering how my Marantz DV 9500 will blend.
Got the Jolida finally. At first impression I like it, very heavily built. I get an annoying hum though, any ideas?
I could think of a few reasons. I'm not sure of if you have anything beyond the Marantz connected to the JoLida, but I had one in my audio/video system that also made an annoying hum.

I found that when I had my television output connected to the amplifier, the hum was caused by the cable connection to the television. Someone suggested this piece from Parts Express to eliminate it. I never bothered with it, and just unplug the cable connection when watching dvds or listening to music since I never really care to listen to television programming through the system anyway.

Or, you may have another ground loop issue. Look into whether your cables are shielded and the path they follow in your rack. You may have to rearrange them to isolate the interconnects from power cords.

If the hum is in one channel, you could try swapping each of the input, driver, and power tubes to try to isolate a bad tube.

Finally, it may be a construction issue such as a bad solder joint. If you feel comfortable opening the amplifier, you can inspect the joints inside, but I would leave it up to the dealer or technician.

Good luck!
Thanks, I played with the cables last night to no avail. I have my sub hooked up to the pre outs and it sends hum to the sub also. It was suggested to carefully wiggle each tube that perhaps one of those is the culprit. My first experience with tubes so I'm a bit lost. My email to Jolida hasn't been answered.
Beernut, I had a similar "problem." Turns out it is not the amp but crappy DC in my AC line. I ordered a PS Audio Humbuster unit from Music Direct and this quieted down my Jolida 302B to near silence. What a great unit!
Beernut, was previou amp hooked up in similar fashion as new Jolida? If so, was there any noticeable hum? It seems as though the amp's power supply filter should eliminate hum.
Good info guys. Jolida recommended re-biasing the tubes, didn't help. Seems to be tied into my electric circuits in my apt, my ceiling lights are controlled with a dimmer switch. Turn it down or off and the humm gets quieter but not gone. This did not occur with my solid state amps. Suggestions appreciated. Have to go to plan B, the humm is too noticeable to just ignore.
I've owned several amps that would hum in my system. When replaced the hum went away. The thing is, any well designed amplifier should incorporate a power supply which provides AC filtration to eliminate audible hum. If special AC filters are required to quiet down the amp then something is wrong with the amp IMHO. If you love the sound of the amp then do what it takes to get it right. Welcome to the world of tubes.
Maybe you can remove or replace the dimmer switch?
Hello Beernut. Firstly, congrats on your new tube amp. It would be a good idea to follow the astute advice of Unsound. All dimmer switches will cause some hum in an audio system and have no place in a room with a good high resolution audio system that employs vacuum tubes. If you can live without it, a standard switch should eliminate your problem. You may want to try a cheater plug as well. Best of luck.
Thanks guys, I will heed your well received advise.

Simply replace the dimmer with a higher quality unit from Lowes or Home Depot. Chances are the dimmer was installed orginial construction on your home and is probably the cheapest thing on the shelf the builder could find.

Go with a high quality Lutron dimmer. I use one in my dedicated listen room mainly for mood lightly and I get ZERO hum with my Cary SLI-80. Dead Quiet.

I posted the link to the dimmer used in my listening room below for you.

Good Luck!

Thanks, I tried a cheater plug and poof! No Hum. Best .75 I ever spent. Thanks for all the advise.
PS Upgraded to Meadowlark Osprey's-WOW!!