Amp for nee LRS Maggies

I am contemplating getting a pair of the new LRS Maggies and wondering which amp to acquire.  As a point of reference, I have 3.6 Maggies driven by MC501s in my main system.

Looking for the right amount of power without getting crazy, suggestions okease.
Not to be too cynical but just wondering do you think reviewers get a kick back from some companies regarding their reviews and recommendations? 

Nothing against the Vidar just wondering...
Not sure, But I trust Steve. of the handful of items I've bought because of him, he's been spot on each time...
I would like to keep it under $1,500 as the speakers are $650.  No sense in buying mismatched items IMHO.

My 501s were about 1,000 more than my 3.6 Maggies, but they were used (going strong 9 years later!), and the Maggies were new.
Class d amps  are a great way to go if you don’t want to spend a bundle.  I am pleased with W4Sound.  Let’s not start the debate again however.  
Well for the $1500 budget you can get a pair if Vidars and run them as monoblocks. That is likely your best bang for the buck given the budget. You may be able to get them for less on the secondary market if you can find them. With the money you save get the Mike Powell Maggie instant upgrade which costs only about $79. Dig around and find another $270-$355 for MyeStands. You will be please at the difference. 
I have Mye stands for my 3.6s and expect to get them for the LRS speakers when the stands are available.

Anyone who has Maggies knows Mye stands are the cheapest tweak and bang for the buck in upgrades.
I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the LSR’s and I agree a pair of Vidars would be the perfect amount of power, but wouldn’t you also need a couple of subwoofers also?

Yep! I like Vandersteen subs if you can swing it, but a pair of SUB 3 are 5K. I like Rythmik's F12 aluminum sealed servo subs at a grand each for bang for the buck. I hear they mate well with Maggie's
I had a Parasound Hint with Maggie 1.7 speakers that was musical magic, you may want to look for one used, should fall into your price zone.
Before you buy any subwoofers my advice is to first put the LRS pair on MyeStands. Then give them several or more listening sessions. If you think further improvement is needed then get and install the Mike Powell Maggie instant upgrade. Listen some more. If you still need more bass then go buy a sealed subwoofer or two. 
It makes little sense to buy $650 LRS and then buy expensive subs.  This is a budget secondary system.

Yes, I will but Mye stands.  As noted before, I have them in my main system.

My current investigation is about the right level of power at my price point.  I am open to used gear, uncertain about class D.
Hegel H-160, $1495 on Audiogon
No personal experience, but have heard that the pairing of Hegel and Maggie is quite good.
I enjoy my H-80 with dynamic speakers, the H-160 is a big step up in power and connectivity.
Audio Emporium in Milwaukee (Dave) a veteran, enthusiastic Maggie dealer is a fan if this combination.

I run my MMGs through a B&K EX-442 Sonata.  Dual mono design with balanced inputs, it puts out 350 wpc into 4 ohms.  Works wonderfully with my Maggies, and can be had for $400-$500.A very well-respected amp with lots of current.
I would skip the stands and subs and use part of the amp budget to move up to the .7s.

Outlaw 2160 is a really nice stereo receiver for well under $1000. 
I went through a whole slew of subs trying to match my 1.7i's.  Nothing I tried matched up to the speed of the Maggie's.  Then a dealer in the area suggested a Martin Logan closed 10 inch.  Bang....that was it.  Best part about it?  I only needed one and the price was about 600 bucks.  Great match.

For the LRS, are Mye stands overkill(for bracing)?  I'm not fond of the attachment  on the side of the speaker. I like the magnarisers. I'm using Belles separates.

Cheap plug alert. I have an Anthem 225i for sale at $900. Effortlessly drives Maggies.