Amp for Naim line?

I am trying to upgrade my amp Naim NAC250 for component which would match my other Naim top notch gear CDS2/XPS/NAC82/SUPERCAP modified by Whest and Tannoy TD12.Please advice.Oh and I know that I should be able to use non Naim amp to Naim preamp unlike viceversa.
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Probably better to upgrade within the Naim world. If your 250 is getting on to 10 years old, a recapping will provide a very noticeable upgrade. Given that you already have a Supercap, upgrading your 82 to a 52 (if you can find one) would improve your hifi musically more than a change of power amp. I'm assuming that all your Naim gear is from the "olive" era, so another possible avenue is to consider starting an upgrade path with the current line. This is a path that I followed and I've never regretted it. Good luck and good listening.
Nap 300 or 135 is natural
My Nac82 suppose to be better then 52 due to some expensive mods from Whest Audio.Si I have the oldest NAP250(chrome bumper),that's why I feel to upgrade it.Which would be better 135's for a value?
I have had all three 250's in my Naim set-up. I have an orig. 52 and have had a chrome, olive and 250.2 in my system. The chrome vs the olive is by far the biggest jump. The olive has bass slam, and rhythm in spades. I recently moved to a 250.2. If you want to stay with a 250 then the easiest way to decide is deter. by your music taste. I found the olive 250 is better with rock, elec. blues while the 250.2 is better with acoustic jazz, class. esemble. Both are good for symphonic music. The 250.2 is good at subtlety and nuance. I can't comment on 135's but I have always heard they sound great.
If you are interested in an olive 250 let me know. I still have mine and will be selling it soon.