Amp for n802 diamond

I am looking for a power amplifier to use with b&w 802 diamond for orchestral music.
My choices are classe ca2300, Plinius sb301, chord spm 1050, or Bryston 14bsst2.
What amplifier can you recommend among these?
Highly recommend Pass xa100.5 or xa160.5 even better. I have personal use with the pass & b&w 802 diamond before with great result. Good luck...
I have the Plinius SB-301 driving Revel Salon 2s. It is a fast, powerful, clean amplifier with great dynamics, stereo imaging ability and bass control and weight. I mostly listen to rock but do enjoy an occasional orchestral piece by Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Stravinsky etc., and the Plinius handles the dynamism and slam of those pieces superbly. I am very happy with it and don't see any other solid state power amp knocking it off its perch, unless I go completely nuts and embark down the Class A road with Gryphon, Edge or some other hugely expensive brand to get the last few percent out of the Salon 2s' tweeters.

When I was auditioning equipment in the fall I did hear Classe driving 802Ds. Forget what the front end was which certainly could have had an impact. I thought the low end was pretty good but the mids and high end sounded a bit lifeless and I didn't really like the sound of the combo much. This was with rock and I would think really dynamic classical recordings would suffer even more.

I haven't heard the Bryston with 802Ds but have heard it with other speakers. It was very clean and detailed, but I thought it lacked dynamics and overall is a bit reticent compared to the Plinius.

Haven't heard the Chord.

The Pass gear mentioned above is excellent, but if you've got a large room I think you'll want more power than what the xa100.5s provide - and the xa160.5s list for over two times what the Plinius SB-301 does. For quite a bit less than that kind of money you could get two Plinius SA-103s or Clayton monoblocks and feed your 802Ds a tasty Class A diet.