Amp for my speakers, PLEASE HELP


I am lost. And I need your help. I just bought a nice pair of Ellis 1801b speakers and I don't know what amplifier shoul I look for.

Specs: Sensitivity 84db
Impedance: 8 ohms nominal ;dips to a low of 6.2ohms in the bass region.
Sound Pressure: 90db

My music: classical 2/3; anything else (from rock to jazz, world and folk) 1/3. Only Lp's.

My room: 18 x 20 feet (5.4m x 6.1m)

My requirements:
- to have 300b tubes
- to work best with KR tubes
- to be in my budget: $1000 (max $1075)
- can be used or vintage

I just need an amplifier, I already have a pre-amp that I will replace it later.

If the 300b's won't work with my speakers (due to my limited budget), please advise for what else should I look for.

Thanks a LOT
My 120 wpc Musical Fidelity A3.2cr could not drive the Ellis to their full potential. I would suggest A300cr power amp with 250 wpc for sale (as of yesterday) here at A-gon.
Yes a 20wpc channel amp may drive them but you will loose dynamic range and the "life" of the music. ATC are similar efficiency and the ATC integrated is 350 watts - probably a more realistic power rating for the speakers.
I think for your budget a more powerful triode amp would make more music.---Save up and get a quality 300b amp----Unless this system is in a very small room and never gets pushed.
I'm not sure if this will be understood. It is just my opinion. 300b's and 845's don't have a lot of power. Good 300b's/and 845's can cost much more than 1k;used. Whereas, a decent triode amp will cover the highs and lows better---for less money.(and get you part way to the set sound---Compared to a 6550 pp amp.)