Amp. for my Speakers

I have just brought a Wharfedale Diamond 9.6 but I am still confused on choosing the Amp. Dealer has suggested Nad C320 BEE. Should I go for it or do you suggest anything better?
Thank you
Well you might want to provide a lot more info.

1. Budget
2. Room size
3. Integrated or separates or either
4. If integrated does it need a phono board
5. Is a remote a must
6. Solid state, tubes, hybrid or any
7. Do you like to listen at high volumes

The NAD is very hard to beat in it's price range.
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You could also have a look at Cambrigde Audio amps.I have my Diamonds 9.5 with the Azur 640A v2 and for my taste they make a good combo.
Need to know 2 important pieces of info: What is the power rating of your speakers, and, what is their sensitivity rating(SPL)