Amp for my kharma CRM3.2

Just bought a pair of Kharma to replace my Devore Nines. My system consist of Goldmund Studio/SME V/VdhFrog, Artemis Labs PL1 phpre, Shindo Aurieges and Consonance Cyber211/GE V4TC. Also just moved to a new condo and the acoustic is difficult and i have to work on it seriously. At this moment, the sound is quite nice but often brilliant, and a bit confused with difficults transients, and i suspect my Consonance not to be up to the task. I am considering Kharma Mp-150, some says that it could be a good match with the Shindo and the Kharma. Any comments or suggestions ? My budget is limited at this time, let's say 5K for used component(s)
I have a thought, but let me first begin with a question.
Do you have a feel yet, if the Nines or 3.2's are the easier load. I have owned both the Midi Grand 1.0's, and Nines, but with different amps.... This may be a tough call, since your room has changed. That said, if you used your 211 amp on both speakers, maybe you can speculate.
When i moved in my new place, i had the Nines and i would say that, load wise, it's almost the same. it was clear to me at the moment i connected the Kharma i was in an other league, but this is an other story. I don't want to disqualify the Consonance to rapidly, since they brought me mucho pleasure. Be aware that i'm french so forgive my poor english...
I bet a Shindo Montrachet would sound good. I just haven't seen many on the used market. As you said, do give your Consonance amp a fair shot. I think Pitch Perfect
had a used Montille 6V6 for sale. That said, the Montrachet is one I have heard at least twice, and liked very much.