Amp for Mirage M1 Si's??

Picked up a pair of M1's and am wondering what might
be the best amp for around $500-$1000 or so.
They are very power hungry it seems. I have a 200 W/PC
integrated that by itself is on the warmer side of nuetral
and these M1's seem to still be a little under powered (83db)
and on the darker laid back side. What would give these
some sparkle & kick?
I like the overall potential of these to pursue the
right amp.
Room is 20x20x12

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
--Had the 3si years ago and ran them with a Moscode 600. If one were to look into this amp; get a moded/rebuilt one and it should be still within your price range.
I had a pair of M3si and tried all kinds of "Audiophile" class A AB amps. I got a pair of class D monoblocks, and it was like I was standing in the room vs standing in the next room. The sound completely opened up, and the bass was some much better. They are the way to go with the older Mirages.
I recently brought my M-1's out of storage and paired them with Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblocks (400 wpc.) They have never sound better! I was very impressed. A bit over your budget, but goes to show what can be achieved.
Thanks every one that's what I'm looking for! So maybe
a Spectron or Parasound might work. Any thoughts on how
Krell might work?
I have been playing with and getting some positive results
with just swapping PC's. Also I initially had them to
far apart for my listening position. Just 1/2 inch in
both ways really locked in the solid wall of sound.
Any thoughts on spiking them?? I did not get any with
them but wonder what effect they may have on the bass?
Anyway thanks for the advise and keep suggestions coming!
Looks like I will have to try & raise my budget somewhat.
Spikes make a major improvement! A necessity IMHO!
Brand new--they came w/spikes---Don't expect much in bass definition w/o spikes.--Get U some.
As I remember from the manual their setup instructions were "spot-on"--Something like 3 to 3 and 1/2 feet back and sides for unbelievable imaging.--Of course that was for the 3si's---I would also at least try the short wall. My short wall is wider than your 12;wide. Mine is 14.6 wide and that worked well.---(That rear tweet loves proper reflection.)
Thanks Avguygeorge,

I have mine right at at 3'4" feet off back wall at the moment.
And they are 9.4' apart center to center with about
2" of toe in or so. I have a 46" LCD in between
(Which I know does not help) and a big tree behind
the right speaker. Center image is pretty darn good,
but wonder if going closer together might make it better?
We'll see.
Anyway, thanks for the advise, will try to find out
what size spikes I need and get some.
Another thing I failed to mention, is I am using my Blu-Ray
player since I sold my Naim CD5i, and thought I could
live with it but will have to get another cdp.

I paired my M1's with a Classe CA200. I liked the sound. Its about 1000 bucks for one. I thought the classe was warm and detailed and had enough power for the mirages.
Spikes were definitely standard and bundled from Mirage.

The best sound I hav ever heard was M1si driven by a CJ EV2000. Unfortunately the Evolution 2k is out of your price range but the mf series is not.

I have to admit that the class d recc makes a ton of sense too.
I have a pair of M1si, try the Rotel RB-1090 380watts. I used this combo for about one year with great results, then upgraded to the Bryston 7bsst2 with even better results, but also a large price increase. Dollar for dollar the Rotel RB-1090 is a excellent amp for the $1000 range used, it can not be beat for the price.
I have gone through quite a few amps with my M-1's. Adcom 565's,Bel Cantos,Parasound,a few different ice amps, and a Proceed HPA2 which is driving them now and they sound just wonderful..again its what sounds best to you...but a fun ride getting there...

I had a pair of M3si many many moons ago and I drove them with an Adcom GFA-555 and then a Krell KSA100s with very excellent results.

These are very power hungry speakers so if I was looking for an amp now, I would investigate class D ... probably best ROI.
Gee this thread brings back memories. I had the original M1s, the first year it came out. The best I've ever heard them was with Atmasphere M1s tube amps, but way out of most peoples price range. I think you might have trouble getting the best out of them in your price range unless you are going to buy something used. I had them with Threshold SA3 50watt class A amps that did a great job on them. I think SA3s go for around $1500 used, but you might get lucky and get one near your price range in this economy. I think any good tube amp with at least 50 watts can drive them, but you really nead 100+ watts for them to shine. Oh yea, McIntosh's sound great on them, if you can find a used one in your price range.
Try a reputable 100W+ push pull tube amp. The midrange bloom is awesome. The combo can make a Les Paul played into a Marshall sound like the real thing.

Never known Mirages Ms to be too power hungry and volume has never been an issue for me (but maybe for the neighbors ).