Amp for Mirage M-3s

Hello, I'm looking for an amp to drive my Mirages, Does anybody have any advice. I was considering.... Acurus, Audire, Perreaux, Parasound, Bedini. Looking for something under $600.00

Thanks for any help.
Any amp that cost 600 used probably cost a thousand new, and that won't do the M3s full justice. They also need a lot of juice. Acurus sounds too bright and doesn't have enough damping. Parasounds are also on the bright side but do have better woofer control. I would recommend a 200 watt Rotel. Good luck!
Greetings Epos,

The Arragon 8008BB would be an ideal choice, I just saw one here for about 1100 dollars, I know its over your budget but the sonics and power delivery would be ideal, some usable class A output. I suggest getting the purest amp you can as the Mirage will benefit greatly all the way around. Terrific speakers when matched correctly, and this amp will fit.

Regards ///Tim W. ///