Amp for Martin Logan Source

Hey folks,

Here's my dilema...

As a budding audio enthusiast, I was pumped to find a set of used Martin Logan Sources at too good a price to pass up. I've got them perfectly situated in my living room and am in heaven. I'm currently powering them as the L/R speakers hooked up in a 7.1 setup via Pioneer Elite SC-25. The AVR has enough power, at least in theory, but because I have roommates I don't trust messing around with my Martin Logans I'd love to hook my cheap Infinity satellites back up to the AVR and give myself the ability to easily take the MLs out of the loop so I'm not putting undo wear and tear on them. If I could do 7.1 AND speaker A/B at the same time I'd be set, but that's not an option.

I've been running this around in my head for a while and although I'm not opposed to putting some $ into a fix I want to make sure I'm putting dollars where they'll make the most sense.

The 2 most viable options are (unless I'm missing some):

1.) Buy a separate amplifier to power the ML's and use Pre-Outs from the AVR to feed it. If this were the case I'd like to best the powerful and fairly good amp in the AVR w/out breaking the bank. Maybe this isn't possible, but I know I'd hate running electrostatics on a lesser amp than small infinity satellites.


2.) Buy a small 2-channel amp to power the rear surrounds (least important speakers in this setup) and use the pre-outs. That would allow me to set the AVR and put both sets of fronts in an A/B setup.

What options and price points am I looking at? Not partial to any brand/type of amp for either instance and am certainly willing to buy used.

Thanks for any help/suggestions!