Amp for Martin Logan Aerius i

I'm looking for a stereo amplifier (solid) for matching my new speakers - Martin Logan Aerius i. Considering that I live in Brazil, is very hard to test different equipments, provided that there are no audiophile stores down here. Could any one indicate me a stereo amplifier (price range of US$ 3,000.00) which will better match my new speakers?
I use Proceed hpa2 (250 watts/channel). It works great for me and is around $3,200 new. What kind of music will you be playing, and what else is in the system? Do you want to buy new, or is used o.k.?
I listen to rock, pop and dance music. My system is composed of a B&K Reference 30 Pre Amp; B&K Reference 7250 5ch amplifier; Martin Logan Aerius i (R/L); Martin Logan Theater(C); Martin Logan Script(SR/SL); Velodyne HGS-10 (SUB). Now I'm going 7 channels (for Surround EX and DTS-ES), so I want to buy a good amp for matching the Aerius i (for HI-FI music), and let the B&K driving just the surrounds (and center) speakers. I'm thinking on buy a new equipment around $3,200.
Try the Innersound amp especially designed for electrostats
3k new 300wpc 8 ohms - 600 4ohms and can handle the 1 ohm load with no sweat. Go to in New Orleans - Duke will give you a good deal.