Amp for Martin Logan

I just purchased a set of Ascent i speakers and a Decent sub from a friend that moved up to Summits. I have a Resolution Audio Opus 21 and Cat SL1 mkii pre. I am looking for an amp under $2K. I love tube mids but don't think I can afford a tube amp that will drive the Logans. Is there any SS amps that can give me the mids and still drive the highs and bass? Or how about a tube amp in my price range? Any suggestions?
driving a hybrid puts one in a quandry. The ideal amp for the panels is not the ideal amp for the woofer. Here's my choice krell KSA 100 on bottom and CJ premier 11a on top or ARC VT100 full range.
IMHO, Forte model 4 or 4a should be at the top of your list. Used about 6-700 dollars. Happy listening,
mosfet designs will capture the tube magic
I drive a pair of CLS11z with 2 Classe DR 8 amps run in mono.Stable and smooth.You could try the same but in stereo ,one amp to the panels, one amp to the woofers to keep the voice of the amp and speakers the same.Or one amp in stereo for the left speaker and one amp in stereo for the right,but you will need another set of pre-out on your pre-amp and another set of interconnects.Worth the experiment, and there's no shortage of amps for sale used.
After talking to and emailing quite a few people, I am considering a NuForce 9.02 or Bel Canto Evo IV mk ii. Has anyone heard both of these amps? Any comments?
VTL ST 150 would do it and sound magical. i've heard VTL + Logan, and it's a sweet match
Would the VTL have enough power for the MLs? They dip to a little over an ohm in the highs.
I am using the H2o Audio Signature Monoblocks - they were designed to drive the Apogee Scintilla's which drop to under a 1 ohm load. They are currently driving my Martin Logan Summits very nicely now that the speakers are finally breaking in. I am using a pair of the M250SA's.

H2o Audio Website
yes pal, altho they dip to 1 ohm at high freq, there isn't a lot of musical infromation at that freq.
I decided to try the VTL ST 150. I purchased one here on audiogon. It should arrive early next week. I am hoping it will sound great. Thanks for all the suggestions.
Good choice, let us know how you like it.
Oh Well, I'm back in the hunt. VTL arrived today UPS'ized. Box was obviously droped more than once. 5 tubes are shattered. He should have packed the tubes seperatly. The inside of the amp is filled with glass shards so I'm sending it back. I am looking once again.
Hi Pal. I would strongly recommend that you at least audition the NuForce 9.02's. They are only $2500. pr. and I believe they still offer a full 30 day trail period.

I am currently using them to drive my Summits - with incredible results. I have owned numerous amps, from solid state, tube, hybrid and several ICE based amps and none has offered the unique delicacy, effortlessness, dynamics, etc., of the NuForces, while still maintaining the midrange timbre that Logans are capable of.

I have done a fair amount of experimenting with this amp/Logan issue as I have also owned Prodigy's, Oddyseys, Requests, Aerius i's, Sequel II's over the last 20 years.

Another good recommendation is Audiofrankj's H2o amps, which he seems to be having very good results with his Summits also.

Unless you like dealing with the heat output, tube replacement hassles, and larger electric bill of tube amps, the NuForce or possibly the H2o's will give you everything you are looking for, IMO.

Good luck!
Well I think I might try the Nuforce amps. Anywhere I can get a deal on one? I also have heard that the new Rowland 102 amp is out. Has anyone had a chance to listen to one yet?
Keep checking the used listings - they go fast when they do occassionaly pop up (that and the fact that you rarely see any 9.02's used should you something).

Good luck!
Bought a set of Nuforce 9.02s. I hope they make it through shipping. I think they may sound good in my system with the CAT preamp.
Great! They should make it through shipping with no problem - yet another big advantage of weighing only 7 lbs ea. I think you're in for a real sonic treat. Let us all know what you think
I tried the Nuforce but I didn't like the speaker terminals. I biwire with two sets of cables and there is no way to tighten two sets to the amps. I do not like the plastic threads on the posts. I was afraid to tighten them, I thought they might strip. The amps sounded OK, great detail on the top and bottom, but I thought they were lacking some body in the mids. I sold the Nuforce and bought a set of Rowland 201s. The 201s sound excellent. I think I have found the right match for my system.
nice to hear pal. i'm always interested in great amp combinations w/ logans, i'll have to remember rowland.
I am considering a move to the Vantage from the Ascent i. I still hear the hole in the upper bass with the Ascents. My friend has the Summits and they definatly do not lack in the upper bass. I know the Vantage does not have the low bass like the Summit, but does the upper bass blend better than the older MLs?
the integration on the vantage is the best i've heard yet on a logan, it's very good. even tho there is an internal amp for the woofer, the bass takes on the character of the amp you pair it with... with my cary 805c, the bass is full and fleshed out.

now, in comparison to some audio note AN-E's that i heard over the weekend, it does not compare in terms of integration, but in terms of transparency and imaging, the vantage spanks the audio note.