Amp for Magnepan MMGs

Please comment on the following options for driving a new pair of Magnepan MMGs:

1) Repair and maybe mod Adcom 555 and matching preamp (original 1980s equipment I think)

2) Behringer EP 4000 for $350 new. I am assuming I will need a preamp of some kind, would the Adcom work?

3) Denon 700 AV receiver for $399. Would use MMGs as L/R for 5.1 eventually

4) Other amps (tube or solid state) for $400. Have read that Magnepan prefers their speakers with tubes, but haven't seen any tube amps in this price range.

Sources will include CD and iPod. Music preferences are folk, 60s rock, female vocals, a Capella.

Have previously owned 3.6s but never powered them properly.

Will be putting these MMGs into my condo living room ( a 13x20x10 box). Sliding glass door takes up one of the narrow ends, pass through to kitchen and a hallway take up the other. Room will contain sectional sofa, desk and large chair. Floor is laminate, will have area rug down. Walls are drywall. Understand that 3 to 4 feet from walls is best, so thinking of placing speakers that distance forward of the sliding glass door wall, but am open to other suggestions.
If it were me... I would stay away from the Beheringer and receiver; very poor sound quality overall.

Do not stress over tubes/SS amp; you can get great results with either, but in your case you cannot afford a quality tube amp with enough power to drive the speakers very well. You might be able to snag a tube amp for that price, but you also might be asking for reliability, tube biasing and repair problems. So, go solid state and be happy. Work with inexpensive used cables, i.e. interconnects, to tune the sound.

If the repair of the Adcom is not too costly, it would be a fine amp. Don't bother modding it; the result is a crap shoot, and you'll never get your money out of it. Put the money that would have gone to modding into some cabling, and you will have as much benefit without the downside. Same with preamp; not worth modding.

And, or you should move to a new integrated DAC with preamp (volume control) function. This will give you worlds better sound at not much more cost. A far superior solution to the (assumed) older CD player you're using. Make sure the CD player has a digital coaxial (S/PDIF) output. Then you're in business for that wonderful upgrade! If the DAC has additional inputs you can use the iPod with it, too. You will be amazed at what has been waiting for you in terms of upgrade to the sound.

And that's just the beginning!

Make sure you have window treatments, i.e. vertical blinds, so that the glass does not reflect the waves as much, or else it may sound poor. You may even wish to reorient the room to have the speakers on another wall.

Have fun!
I have a soft spot for the ADCOM power & preamp combination, as it was my divorce present to myself 25 years ago. Those are good pieces and probably worth the repair if a competent technician is available. I would not mod them all as it is not necessary. About the only thing 'extra' I would do with them is to have the tech install heavy duty power cords.

Another option in the $600 range would be the Outlaw Audio RR2150 . It would have similar power output as the 555, there is a phono input, and the FM tuner is pretty good.

Thanks for the quick responses.

There are plastic vertical blinds in place now, but may replace those with either fabric panels from IKEA or blackout curtains.

Not sure how I would reorient the room, since the kitchen wall has a hallway leading into the living room, and one of the long walls has the entrance to the master bedroom.

It has been years since the Adcom has been powered up. Seems to me that the preamp was missing one channel. For all I know, the amp could be healthy.

Are there some brands and models of preamps/DAC I should look at if using the Adcom amp?

I will check on the two CD players I have in storage. One is a Denon 5-disc carousel and the other is a single disc unit I picked up from the manufacturer in Denver based on comments here in 2007.

There is also an HK930 sitting in there too. Think it has one side down as well. Used it to drive my first set of Maggies in the 90s

Please keep the suggestions coming.
The B&K EX-442 Sonata is a wonderful sounding amp in your price range that is extremely tube-like. It is 200 into 8 ohms and 360 into 4 ohms, 75 amps. IMO, sonically it is a definite upgrade from the Adcom if you like the sweetness of tube gear. I believe there is currently one available on another website. I had one many years back (and I also owned the B&K ST140) and if I needed a lot of power, this is the amp I would buy again without hesitation. Highly doubtful you'd find anything as musical and powerful at this price.
If I have it right, you are going to develop a system to be used for 2 channel music and 5.1 channel video and have an amplification budget of $400. Under this assumption I would:

1) Determine the value of your present gear. Verify that the adcom amp is working, the condition of the pre, and condition of the HK. Due to age I would not spend much on repairs for these. Check fuses where channel is out. Make A decision to keep or sell. Need to know the value of this gear.

2) Consider sticking to a 2 or 2.1 system, and buying a used SS integrated amplifier not much more than 10 years old. I am not sure of the power requirements for the MMGs.

3) If 5.1 channels remains desirable, and the adcom amp works, purchase a used 5.1 preamp/processor and start from there.
A quick look at the MMG's specs shows:

•Description: Two-way Quasi Ribbon/Planar-Magnetic
•Frequency Response: ± 3d, 50Hz to 26kHz
•Sensitivity: 86dB, 2.83 Volts, 500Hz @1 Meter
•Recommended Power: 40 to 150W @8 Ohms.
•Impedance: 4 Ohms
•Dimensions: 14-1/2" X 48" X 1-1/4"
•Shipping Weight: 40 lbs./Pair

I was not aware of their specs when I suggested the EX-442 Sonata from B&K; however, this amp should work just fine, as underpowering is much more dangerous than overpowering a speaker. Not an authority on any of the planar or electrostatic speakers but it's my understanding that you need lots of current to drive them, especially the electrostatic speakers.