Amp for Magnepan .7

Hello, I am trying to pick one of the following amps for my magnepan .7 speakers. I will not be able to hear all so any advice will be greatly appreciated.

1. Bryston 4B SST2 300
2. Rogue Audio Stereo 100
3. Emotiva XPR 5
4. Wyred 4 Sound ST 1000

I have a Rotel XPS 1570 preamp
So far I have heard only Wyred mono blocks as trial.
My room is not too big, but not too small for the speakers either.

My dealer likes the Maggies best with teh Rogue Pharoah Integrated. He sells both full ARC and Rogue lines.

I heard that combo and it was top notch. The smaller Sphinx was similarly good but less power if you like things louder.

You could sell teh Rotel to help finance.

Both include built in Phono sections. If phono is not a concern then I would consider a Wyred, Bel Canto, or Benchmark pre-amp to go with teh Wyred amp, with or without integrated DAC depending on need.
Had the Rogue Pharaoh and the 1.7s for quite a while. Great combo. With the Rogue, you could try a few different tubes to suit your musical taste.
For now I use a Audio-GD NFB-28 pre and a Crown XLS2500 amp for my .7 and the combo ain't bad at all, but I just ordered a Audio-GD Master 3 amp and I am sure it will be a big upgrade.