Amp for Maggies 3.6R

Considering an upgrade to a set of 3.6Rs, how much power do they really need? Any suggested choices? My musical preferences are acoustic jazz, female vocals, some light rock. Considering Magnum Dynalab 208 but I'm concerned about the power.
The McCormack DNA-2 is rated at 300,600,1200 @ 8,4,2 ohms. I think the nominal impedance of the MG3.6r is just under 4 ohms. I really liked the stock DNA-2 Deluxe with the maggies for a couple of years and replaced it with a DNA-2 Gold SMc Audio revision amp. Highly recommeded. If you got the stock amp you could upgrade it at some point or find a used Rev A or better. Let me know if you need more info.
I have been through quite a few amps with the Maggies and settled on a 200 wpc, GAS Ampzilla II at the end of the day. I picked it up off ebay for $700.
Try Bryston 14B or 7B monos - they were used to voice 3.6Rs. Another alternative is a used Krell FPB 200 or 300
The Brystons are a pretty good option, Personally I went with BAT vk500, a very good match,I have similar musical tastes. Maggies require high current not just watts. Personally I'd love to find a high current tube amp but they tend to be big money-too big for me.
I've sold several InnerSound ESL amps to Maggie 3.6 owners, who've been very happy with the combination. The InnerSound does something like 600 watts into the Maggies' 4-ohm load.
If you happen to be near the Washington DC area you can listen and/or try my Warner 300 mono amps. They work very well on my Maggies.
There are many good options at various price ranges- what are you looking to spend? I have tried about 12 amps in my system and have a good idea of what works and what doesn't. The golden rule is the more clean power the better.
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