amp for low volume listener w/ wilson audio sophia

I am looking for new amp and preamp to replace my current system consists of Krell KRC preamp and KSA-200S amp to go with Wilson Audio Sophia speakers. Krell sounded brite but excell only at loud volume around 12:00. I prefer listen at lower volume around 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm position and wonder Pass Labs amp 250.5 (new) or 350 (used) meet my need? Should I get these?

I recently moved from Krell to Pass Labs X1 & X250.5 to power a pair of Wilson Sophias, and have been very happy with the change. I've also heard this PASS combo powering a pair of Wilson W/P 8, and it too sounded excellent. PASS Amps seem to be a very good match with Wilson Audio Spkrs.
I need to find out which amp classified as class D and I definitely looking into the Pass Labs gears. Thanks for response and sugguestion.
the pass x250.5 ( or new pass xa60.5, maybe even the xa30.5 ) IMO is a better choice for for the sophias than thex350 ( no pt ) . you will get a bit more richness, liquidity, less dryness from the point 5 series than the x350. at low listening volumes, the new all class A xa.5 series should be superb. call pass labs directly to discuss. they are quite familiar with how their various amps mate to wilson speakers.
Hi Meocha,

I just wanted to remind you that the Sophia's do sound at its best at louder volumes. They sound great at low levels too but they will amaze at louder levels I believe. Getting a PASS and listening to it at low level volume might not resolve your quest.

ItÂ’s the Wilsons, they do sound very very tame (too tame for me at times) at low level volumes, I even had the 200w ARC and it was a little more pleasing at low level, but the Krell is no slouch at all!
I tried well over 15 high end preamps with the Krell including the Krell Reference and some super tube preamps and finally I found the Preamp that suited me. The Ayre K1e fixed all my needs in a flash. Low and High level playing with no trouble.

In fact I went from a PASS to a Krell FPB and now I am looking for more control (POWER) and I am seeking a larger Krell to mate that need. I love the bass on the Sophias...just staggering!

Good luck!
Hello Meocha,

I think Rapogee has a point. In general one of Wilson's main strong points have been being able to play at louder volumes without strain. Comparatively they don't really start to sing until you play them at a louder volume. Then they start to show their stuff.

Although some amps may be better then others to give you this quality, I don't feel that any amp will make them sound vibrant at a low listening level.

You may want to look at a speaker change, one that is known to have linear dynamics at lower volumes. I would look into one of the Quad stats'. Or if you want to stay with a dynamic speaker IMO an Avalon or Verity would do the trick.

Good luck,