Amp for Krell HTS 5.1 processor

I just bought a Krell HTS 5.1 processor. I need an amp to run very day when the TV is turned on. I am going to buy used from Audiogon. Should I look for a Krell Showcase 5 amp? I have B & W speakers. I am using smaller ones in my theater room (den). My wife won’t let me put my 801s from the sound room (living room) in the Den. My theater (den) is about 22x17x9. I run a large HSU sub (400watts) in the theater room so I was thinking 100 to 125 watts would be enough power. What would you do? Would you run balanced? Heat is a concern? I live in Texas and the summers are killers. I saw a Krell KAV-500 but read it runs class A with lots of heat at idle. I know about heat, I have Sonic Frontiers power 3 for my sound room. The Sonic Frontiers power 3 is two hundred watts of tube power with lots of heat.
The Krell didn't run so hot from my experiences. I believe it runs in Class A for only "some" of the wattage output, like maybe 20%. At idle, I don't think you'll have a problem. could be wrong, as it's been a while.
Classe's work well with B&W's from my recollection as well. A used 150x5 is probably a good choice, as maybe Aragon 200x5 (forget the wattage, it's sound quality and current dilivery for you!). Actually, on a budget, the old Parasound HCA1205a is a pretty nice amp, if "Class B" rated range. Might mate well.
However, you'll have to try one of em, and see. Good luck
Well I bought a Krell Showcase 5 amp off Audiogon. It is a great little amp. The sound is good. It does not put off a lot of heat at idle. Turning it on with the TV is not an issue. I think it would drive most any little speaker. I have it driving four Revel M20s and one Revel C30. Power is not a problem the amp has current. The four M20s plus 2 Revel B15s and one C30 gives show quality sound. I do not feel lacking in any area.