Amp for klipsch KG4

I've got a set of KG4's I bought new around 1990. They are in very good shape so I want to put them to use. I retired them quite a while ago and have decided to give them to my grandson. I'm looking for suggestions on an amp that is well matched and affordable. A receiver, or integrated would be fine but if I can find separates that would be best. Since he is only 12 and has active younger brother and sister, solid state is probably best suited for him. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
I would not stress about choosing an amp for these Speakers. They are such an easy drive I would not stress anything decent that pops up at your price will do just fine.

I have a pair and I am driving them with a Line Magnetic 211IA Valve Amp.
When I spotted your question as a matter of interest I connected them up to an old Teac BX300 35w pc S/State integrated from the 80's. Listening to them at the moment on that Teac.
Think I will sell the Valve amp and put the money in the bank.

They do indeed sound better on the Valve Amp. But that is only to expected Klipsch's and importantly myself, prefer valve amps. But believe you me there is not much in it, such forgiving speakers, great all rounders, I love them.

Letting a 12 year old loose with a Valve Amp is looking for trouble. If the lad is anything like me at that age he will burn the house down or electrocute himself or his siblings.

These are mighty fine speakers and are keepers and a good foundation on which to build a magic system. Magic bass he will drive his Parents mad.

Any S/state Integrated will do just fine to begin with these speakers are not fussy. Will do the Job on small watts so no need to break the bank. Only suggestion perhaps one with a warmer signature like a Yamaha would suit them better.
He is 12 I can only imagine what he is going to listen to. does it matter what amp you get?

Put them in the corners they like that, and the Lad will Rock the House Down. As for his parents neighbours, that is another matter.
They go flippen loud without any sign of distress.
The Emotiva Mini-X amp would do justice to those speakers and will certainly not break the bank ($219). And, with an *honest* 50 watts/ch., it will play loud enough to have the parents complaining constantly...

Any of the older Luxman SS integrateds will do fine. I used to run a L-430 with mine back in the early 80's.
Thanks for the replies, I've got bid in on a vintage Luxman receiver. I'll hook him up with an old manual pioneer turntable and CD player. Hopefully he'll learn there are other sources/formats than mp3, etc....

Actually I don't think he even knows there is such a thing as a two channel system.

Thanks again!
01-07-14: Pehare
Any of the older Luxman SS integrateds will do fine. I used to run a L-430 with mine back in the early 80's.

Or even any of the Luxman stereo receivers of the late 80's early 90's. The R-113, R-114, or R-115 would all sound great. All have a very strong tuner and preouts/main ins.

The flagship R-117 would also work but the KG4's really don't "need" 160w/ch of raw power.

If you want good "synergy" I would look at the older Nakamichi receivers. They mate extremely well with Klipsch. Just make sure it is a "stasis" design unit.
I've always heard great things about the older Harman Kardon receivers and Klipsch. The HK-430 in particular.
agree with synthfreek--the hk x30 series is a vg match for klipsch
Sounds like a good plan for a 12 y.o. If he were older, I'd definitely recommend tubes and preferably a low powered single ended tube amp. You'd be truly amazed just how good Klipsch's can sound with low powered SE gear.