Amp for Joseph RM-25si ?

I have searched the discussion lists here, but I haven't found any mention of complimentary amplifiers for Joseph Audio speakers. I have been using late-80's vintage tube gear with Speltz Anti-Cables and IC, but wonder if newer tube or SS models would be a better match. Any suggestions on great matches with these speakers?
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Are you looking for tubes or ss?
Anything over about 100wpc will work great.
Manley Snappers and Gamut D-200 amps work particularly well with mine.
I would be looking for tubed amplification. It sounds like you are bi-amping your setup. I have a Forte amp I could use for the low end. If you are bi-amping, what changes did it bring to the overall presentation?
I had these speakers for many years with CJ tube gear--very nice combination. I briefly tried them with a Plinius integrated and they also sounded nice but they pair well with tubes.
Not bi-amping. Just an example of two diff. Amps that work particularly well with the rm25s.
I also have a 50wpc push pull Canary Audio amp (ca339) that works great with them.
Bnrlaw, thanks so much for your responses. Your amp choices look intriguing, and the Gamut D-200 is new to me, although I see the reviews of it are very favorable. Have you found a particular cable/IC to work better than another with your Manleys or the Gamut? I would also like to read what other RM-25si owners have experienced when they bi-amp...amps, cables, imaging, frequency response, etc. I have heard it can really make these speakers sing...
Joseph dealer here---

On the tube side, I've had great results running Manley Snappers, Rogue M-180/M-150 and Cary 120s MKII amps.

And if you would consider a hybrid amp, the Rogue Medusa does a very nice job also.
I am using a Butler hybrid with my RM25xl's, so it should work with your 25si setup. I thought the Bel Canto 1000 amps were real good, but drum's were TOO good for everyday use for me.

I used the Speltz cables with the Joseph's with an old Carver amp and they were Ok, but when I used the Bel Canto amp in the same setup, the Speltz were terrible. FYI. Never tried the Speltz with the Butler.
Always have used Analysis Plus oval 9 and oval 12 wire.
Tried it briefly with Auditorium 23 cable but liked ap better.